Mauro Icardi Has Moved On Already As He Is Dating Turkish Actress Devrim Ozkan After Split With Wanda Nara


    Mauro Icardi, a star for Galatasaray, is rumored to be dating a well-known lady and appears to have moved on from his wife Wanda Nara.

    Mauro Icardi Has Moved On Already As He Is Dating Turkish Actress Devrim Ozkan After Split With Wanda Nara

    After nine years of marriage, the ex-Inter Milan striker’s contentious relationship with the model recently came to an end.

    Icardi reportedly filed papers for a harsh divorce, accusing her of being toxic, but it appears that both of them may have found new lovers in the midst of the commotion.

    A photograph of the Argentina international and teammate Lucas Torreira has appeared online.

    Additionally, he looks to be embracing Turkish actress Devrim Ozkan.

    The 24-year-old apparently “was present at recent Galatasaray games,” and their connected fingers have fuelled rumors that they are currently dating, according to Marca.

    In her native country, Devrim is well-known for her appearances in the soap operas “Vuslat” and “Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi.”

    Devrim Ozkan.

    Wanda has also separated from Icardi after being seen kissing 22-year-old rapper L-Gante who is over 13 years younger than the Argentine lady.

    Icardi retaliated by calling her a “laughing stock” in response to her publicized relationship with the 22-year-old rapper.

    Despite the fact that Icardi fired Wanda as his agent, their divorce procedure will keep their lives connected for a while.

    The 35-year-old woman served as his representative, but she was fired because she allegedly demanded £870,000 in exchange for facilitating his transfer to the Turkish team.

    According to reports, Icardi denied Wanda’s request for money on the grounds that it was unconstitutional.

    Galatasaray are supposedly paying Icardi more than £650k for his season-long stay from PSG.

    Mauro Icardi

    Mauro Icardi Has Moved On Already As He Is Dating Turkish Actress Devrim Ozkan After Split With Wanda Nara
    Mauro Icardi and his estranged wife, Wanda Nara.

    Mauro Emanuel Icardi Rivero, an Argentine professional football player, was born on February 19, 1993, and now plays as a striker for Turkish Süper Lig club Galatasaray on loan from Ligue 1 team Paris Saint-Germain.

    Icardi started playing football at the Vecindario youth teams and then went through Barcelona’s La Masia youth program before transferring to Serie A club Sampdoria in 2012 to start his professional career.

    Icardi earned his Argentina senior debut in October 2013, however he has since featured just occasionally.

    He was controversially omitted from Argentina’s final World Cup roster.

    This has frequently been attributed to his union with Wanda Nara, whose ex-husband is Maxi López, a former colleague of Icardi’s at Sampdoria. Because of her publicly disclosed relationship with Icardi, López and Nara were divorced.

    Wanda Nara

    Wanda Nara, an Argentine model and football agent, was born on 10 December 1986.

    Nara was born to Andrés Nara and Nora Colosimo in Boulogne Sur Mer, Buenos Aires. Zaira, her younger sister, is her.

    Maxi López and Nara were married from May 28, 2008, to November 6, 2013. After López accused her of cheating on him, they divorced. However, Nara accused López of multiple instances of marital infidelity. Although the Argentine magistrates cleared López of the charge of harassing their housekeeper, she received public recognition that her husband had betrayed her.

    Three sons were born to López and Nara: Valentino Gastón López Nara on January 25, 2009; Constantino López Nara on December 18, 2010, and Benedicto López Nara on February 20, 2012. Shortly after her divorce, Nara and her sons left Italy and returned to Buenos Aires, where she started dating Mauro Icardi.

    Icardi got to know Nara through his friendship with Lopez, with whom he shared a team in the 2012–13 Serie A. When Icardi’s Inter and Lopez’s Sampdoria faced off in April 2014, the foreign media dubbed the match the Wanda Derby since Lopez made a point of avoiding shaking Icardi’s hand.

    What Happened Between Mauro Icardi and Wanda?

    Nara sent a statement on her Instagram story on October 16, 2021, that appeared to be addressed to her husband Icardi.

    Someone has “ruined another family for a slut,” according to the post. The following day, she and her five children left Paris for Milan, where they lived until 2019.

    Later, after their separation issues were settled, Nara and her five children moved back in with Icardi.

    Mauro Icardi Has Moved On Already As He Is Dating Turkish Actress Devrim Ozkan After Split With Wanda Nara

    On September 22, 2022, however, Nara made an Instagram Story announcement that their marriage was over.

    Devrim Ozkan: Who is she?

    On September 2, 1998, Devrim Ozkan was born in Mugla, Turkey. She is an actress best known for her roles in Ramo, Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi, and Vuslat (2019). (2020).

    She was raised in Milas, a town in Bodrum. She spent a lot of time practicing judo. She attained national judo status.

    She left Mula University’s Faculty of Fine Arts where she was a student and escaped to Istanbul.

    She played Ipek Giray in the Rüya series, which was her first acting experience in a television series.


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