Marlene Alvarenga is the queen of the heart of Nelson Semedo of Wolves, here is what we know about her


    Wolves right-back, Nelson Semedo is married to Portuguese blogger and model, Marlene Alvarenga. The two lovebirds can hardly grow tired of flaunting their beautiful love affair to the world.

    Who is Nelson Semedo?

    Nelson Semedo.

    Nelson Semedo was born in Portugal on November 16, 1993, which means that he is currently 28-year-old. After playing for a couple of youth teams in Portugal, Nelson Semedo started his professional football career at Benfica on July 1, 2015.

    After playing professional football at Benfica for two years, he agreed to join FC Barcelona on July 14, 2017, for a transfer fee worth €35 million. When he could not establish himself at the Spanish club, he decided to move to Wolves on September 23, 2020, for a transfer fee worth €32 million.

    Since he joined the Premier League club, Nelson Semedo who plays as a right-back has made 63 appearances in all competitions in which he scored two goals and provided 2 assists. So far in the 2021-2022 season, the 28-year-old Portuguese right-back has played 29 games in all competitions in which he scored a goal and provided an assist.

    The contract Nelson Semedo signed with Wolves in 2020 allegedly earns him £84,000 per week which amounts to £4,368,000 per year just for playing for Wolverhampton Wanderers. The contract will expire on June 30, 2023. However, Wolves have an option to extend the contract by two years.

    On October 11, 2015, Nelson Semedo made his international debut for Portugal national team. Since then, he has made 24 appearances in all competitions.

    Who is the wife of Nelson Semedo?

    Nelson Semedo and his wife Marlene Alvarenga.
    Nelson Semedo and his wife Marlene Alvarenga.

    Nelson Semedo is married to a Portuguese model Marlene Alvarenga. The footballer and the stunning Portuguese model started dating in 2010. During that period, Semedo was still trying to develop his football career at the Sintrense youth team in Portugal.

    After dating for nearly 11 years and after having two beautiful children, Nelson Semedo finally decided to propose marriage to Marlene Alvarenga. And of course, she said yes. They became husband and wife in 2021.

    Who is Marlene Alvarenga?

    Marlene Alvarenga was born in Lisbon, Portugal on May 18, 1996, which means that the Portuguese model is currently 25-year-old, three years younger than her husband, Nelson Semedo.

    At the time of publishing this report, Marlene Alvarenga has not made public information about her extended family but we can confirm that she was born and raised in Portugal just like her husband.

    Futballnews gathered that Marlene had her basic and high school education in Lisbon but there is no information concerning her tertiary education.

    Aside from being the wife of a Premier League star, Marlene is a professional model and a blogger. Her Instagram page which has 88.2 thousand followers is filled with displays of her glamorous life and the beautiful memories of her nuclear family.

    What is the net worth of Marlene Alvarenga?

    Do Marlene Alvarenga, Nelson Semedo and their two children.

    As mentioned earlier, Marlene Alvarenga is a professional blogger and a model which means that she is earning a living independently and whatever she is getting from her husband is just a bonus.

    Though there is not much information about how much she earns as a model we can estimate that her net worth is around $70,000.

    On the other hand, Nelson Semedo makes £84,000 per week as a footballer at Wolves. So far in his football career, he has been able to generate a net worth of $19 million.

    It might interest you to note that Marlene is 1.65 meters tall and weigh 52 kg. The color of hair is black and has brown eyes

    Do Marlene Alvarenga and Nelson Semedo have children together?

    Do Marlene Alvarenga and Nelson Semedo have children together?
    Do Marlene Alvarenga, Nelson Semedo and their two children.

    The relationship between Marlene Alvarenga and Nelson Semedo has produced two children so far. The children arrived before they got married in 2021.

    Their first child, a baby girl, arrived in May 2016. They named her Marlene Alvarenga. In 2019, Marlene and Nelson Semedo welcomed their second child, a baby boy. They named him Thiago.


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