Marie Claire-Rupio, Christian Atsu’s Wife, Reacts to Critics After Dancing to Davido’s ‘Unavailable’ After Husband’s Death [Video]


Christian Atsu’s wife, Marie Claire-Rupio, has reacted to critics after she posted a viral dance video four months after her husband’s tragic death.

The widow of the Ghanaian football star took to her social media handle to post a clip of her vibing with great dance-steps to a viral tune, ‘Unavailable’ by popular Nigerian singer, Davido.

In the video, the mother of three rolled back her sorrows after husband’s death to join the ‘Unavailable’ challenge.

The video was criticised as it comes barely four months after Christian Atsu’s death. The beautiful blonde was blasted for quickly shelving the tragedy in her family to post the dance video.

Reacting to the criticisms, Marie Claire-Rupio took to her social media again to defend herself.

Confirming she posted the dance video, Claire-Rupio said she did not dance to the song because she was happy but it was her way of getting through her ordeal and being strong for her children.

“I am writing just to say a few things. Yes, I posted a dance video. Not because I am happy but because I have to find a way to deal with my grief. I am not alone, I have 3 children to take care of by myself, because I need to be strong for them. And in Europe, you deal with mental health in a lot of ways; and dancing was always my passion. So excuse me, but please think before you write something or put it on YouTube

“We are missing Christian every single day and it hasn’t been easy. Especially when you have three children who are asking every day for their dad! I am doing my best.”

Marie Claire-Rupo

Marie Claire-Rupio was overcame with emotions during her husband’s funeral. She broke down in tears and wept uncontrollably as she read tribute to the ex-Chelsea star.

Some entrenched customs in Africa demands a widow to mourn her late husband for a longer period of time before getting back to her normal routines hence the backlash on the dance video.

Christian Atsu was buried in a devastating Turkish earthquake in February, 2023. He went missing for 12 days after the earthquake before he was found dead in the rubble. He was given a state burial in home country Ghana in March 2023.

Who is Christian Atsu’s wife, Marie Claire-Rupio?

Marie Claire-Rupio is the wife of late Ghanaian footballer, Christian Atsu, who died in a catastrophic Turkish earthquake in February 2023.

Marie Claire-Rupio got married to Christian Atsu in 2012. According to reports, they met while the late Ghanaian footballer was plying his trade with Porto in Portugal.

After over a decade of a fruitful relationship and marriage, they had three children together; two boys and one girl.

How old is Marie Claire-Rupio?

Marie Claire-Rupo
Marie Claire-Rupio

Marie Claire-Rupio maintains a modest profile on the media with key details of her personal life still a mystery. Her actual date of birth is unknown. Her estimated age range is 28-31 years.

What does Marie Claire-Rupio do?

Marie Claire-Rupio is an author by profession and a social media personality. In 2021, Claire-Rupio published her first book, ‘Stop Bullying Me.’ with great and amazing reviews.

What is Marie Claire-Rupio’s net worth?

Claire-Rupio benefited from her late husband’s football fortunes and also raked in income from her book sales. As of 2023, her estimated net worth was $1million.


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