Manchester United’s Footballers Abroad Ordered to Return to UK

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    images 2020 05 06T091536.565

    Manchester United has ordered all the club’s players who were permitted to travel outside the United Kingdom to return to the country despite not having resumption date for the Premier League at sight.

    The league has been on suspension since March 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic which has killed almost 300,000 people and infected almost 4 million people across the world.

    The 20 clubs in the Premier League have agreed to complete the season but they are yet to conclude on when the league will restate and how clubs will be promoted or relegated at the end of the season.

    Some clubs like Arsenal and Wolves have opened their training grounds for their players to engage in individual training until government authorities permit for group or full team training.

    Manchester United like most of the other clubs have not decided to open their training grounds for their players but they want all their football stars to be within reach in the United Kingdom.

    Among the Manchester United footballers who have been self-isolating outside the United Kingdom are Bruno Fernandes, Fred, Victor Lindelof and Sergio Romero.

    According to reports, they travelled outside the UK after consultation with the club’s manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and they are expected to self-isolate for two weeks when they arrive in the UK.

    Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes is back

    Manchester United
    Manchester United

    ESPN reported that Bruno Fernandes has already returned to his base in Manchester United where he has resumed individual training at home like other Manchester United players.

    Others who are still abroad are expected back to the country before the end of the week as the government in the United Kingdom is expected to relax the lockdown order before mid-May.

    Also, the 20 clubs in the Premier League are expected to meet on May 9 via video conference to vote on some critical aspects of their “Project Restart” proposal.

    Some of such aspects could be whether the remaining 92 fixtures should be played on neutral grounds, the stadia to use for the fixtures, and the format to promote and relegate clubs at the end of the season.

    Whatever the clubs agree upon could still be subjected to government’s approval as far as the coronavirus pandemic is still ravaging the country.


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