Manchester United Youngsters Despise Criticism – Cristiano Ronaldo

    Ronaldo returns to Manchester United

    Cristiano Ronaldo speaks out on Manchester United Youngsters. He stated that the lads do not respond well to constructive criticism.

    Manchester United Youngsters Despise Criticism - Cristiano Ronaldo
    Manchester United Youngsters Despise Criticism – Cristiano Ronaldo

    Man United are eighth in the Premier League halfway through the season, and Ronaldo has detected a mentality problem among some of his teammates.

    Manchester United have had a dismal season so far, finishing eighth in the Premier League table after sacking manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in November.

    Despite the fact that United have a Champions League knockout encounter against Atletico Madrid coming up next month and are through to the FA Cup fourth round, the assumption was that they would fight for the title this season, and their best finish now is fourth.

    Ronaldo re-signed for United on deadline day in August and is the club’s leading scorer with 14 goals, but there’s a chance the five-time Champions League winner will miss out on the competition next season.

    Ronaldo is one of four 30 + year olds in the club’s outfield, and the 36-year-old claimed that criticism is anathema to the younger generation in the locker room.

    Ronaldo told Premier League Productions, “The veteran players, the elder players, can always help the young ones.” “But, as an example, even if you are younger than me, if I give you advise and you do not use it in your everyday life, it will be tough.”

    You could talk to that individual all day. It’s impossible if he’s not coming from within you. When I was 18, 19, and 20, I remember having a conversation with some older players, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘Cristiano, you know you need to develop.’

    Manchester United Youngsters Despise Criticism - Cristiano Ronaldo
    Manchester United Youngsters Despise Criticism – Cristiano Ronaldo

    They are more knowledgeable and experienced than you’. They went through a lot of hard times.”

    However, if you criticize the other individuals (youngsters), they will not take it. This is not something I say about our guys specifically, but rather in general. I have children, as you are aware.

    When you’re a little rougher on them, they respond in kind, so you have to find the appropriate balance to communicate with them.”

    But, in my opinion, the most important aspect is that it should emanate from within you. You should be proud of yourself, and you should look in the mirror and say, “Listen, I gave it my all.”

    And I believe that is something that we should all do. Because it is a new year, we turn the page; we have many opportunities to succeed; we must believe in ourselves; else, it would be a nightmare.


    “The most crucial factor is the individual. We are here to assist when they require my assistance, support, or advise; nevertheless, if you do not require my assistance, do your job, look for yourself, and do your best to assist the team.”

    We must adopt the proper mentality. ‘Cristiano, what can you do better to raise your level and help the team?’ I ask myself. Yes, I can make improvements in other areas.’

    Perhaps to sprint for 90 minutes if something goes wrong, to assist a teammate who is hurting or exhausted, to pay attention to the minor nuances during the game, to be smart, to be intelligent.

    Manchester United Youngsters Despise Criticism - Cristiano Ronaldo
    Manchester United Youngsters Despise Criticism – Cristiano Ronaldo

    “All of the games, all of the players, the systems, and all of the stadiums are different, so you must be capable and ready when you suffer, when you battle in a game, to be compact, to want for your teammates, and to be a team.”

    This, in my opinion, is why this team is known as Manchester United. As a result, we must remain unified in the face of adversity.”

    When Ronaldo first arrived at Manchester United in September of last year, he told the club that “I’m not returning to be a cheerleader. If you guys are serious about succeeding, I need you to genuinely care about this club. For this club, you must eat, sleep, and battle. Whether you play or not, you must constantly support your teammates and give your all for the club.”


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