Manchester United were robbed in favor of Sheffield United


    The manager of Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has revealed that he received a report that confirmed United was robbed in favor of Sheffield United.

    A report from match delegate for Manchester United vs Sheffield United Premier League match played on January 27, alleged that two decisions were wrongly made against Manchester United.

    The report claimed that Sheffield United’s first goal which was scored by Kean Bryan in the 23rd minute shouldn’t have stood. This should have been so because seconds before the goal was scored, Sheffield United’s Billy Sharp was seen pushing Manchester United’s goalkeeper, David de Gea.

    Hence, the match delegate counted Bryan’s goal as the first wrong decision that was made against Manchester United in the match that ended 2-1 in favor of Sheffield United.

    Manchester United were robbed in favor of Sheffield United
    A scene in Manchester United vs Sheffield United 2:1.

    The second decision that stood against Manchester United was the club’s goal which the center referee, Peter Bankes canceled. The goal which was scored by Anthony Martial was canceled because Manchester United’s defender Harry Maguire fouled Sheffield’s goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale before the goal was scored.

    Even though the Premier League’s Video Assistant Referee team rechecked the two decisions and agreed with the center-referee, the match delegate insisted that the decisions were wrong.

    “I don’t like to bring these up,” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said.

    “Sometimes you’re lucky with decisions, sometimes you’re not.”

    “I’ve got the delegates’ report through from the ref and the two decisions were wrong.

    “They’ve admitted that their goal should have been disallowed and ours should have stood and that is a big, big momentum changer for us.

    “You’re more likely when you go 1-0 up than 1-0 down that you can go on and maybe win that game.”

    The match delegate is a team of retired footballers and referees that examine matches and their outcomes to give more credibility to the game.


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