Manchester United v Manchester City Premier League football prediction giveaway

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Manchester City will take on Manchester United at Old Trafford and both teams will try to win the game in what could be a memorable match between Pep Guardiola’s team and Ole Gunnar’s team. 

Cristiano Ronaldo will try to win the match for Manchester United again as he’s been doing for the club. However, Manchester City is a good team and they have an experienced manager who has won many big games in the past.

Below is the result of the last five matches between Manchester City and Manchester United.

Out of the last 5 matches between the two sides, Man City won 2 and Man United won 2. Both sides are evenly matched and it’s the team that makes fewer mistakes that will win tomorrow’s match.

The match between Manchester City and Manchester United is a big deal, it’s called the Manchester Derby for a reason and it’s going to be a very intense game.

What’s your prediction? the winner wins cash.