Manchester United Star Players Might not be Punished Following Their Criticism of The Club’s Decisions


    Anthony Martial, Dean Henderson, and Eric Bailly are three members of Manchester United who have recently spoken out against the club.

    Manchester United could discipline Martial, Henderson, and Bailly.

    According to sources, Manchester United is not likely to discipline Anthony Martial, Dean Henderson, or Eric Bailly for their recent controversial statements.

    Before Erik ten Hag was named manager, the trio all criticized various parts of life at Old Trafford. And while Martial has stayed to fight for a spot in the team’s starting XI, the other two members of the trio are now on loan.

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

    Under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralf Rangnick, Manchester United struggled mightily to finish sixth in the Premier League standings.

    The Athletic reports that none of Martial, Bailly, or Henderson will be punished for their acts, even though they have all been vocal against the running of the club.

    Anthony Martial

    Martial recently criticized Solskjaer, saying: “I have frequently played injured the last two seasons.

    “People are unaware that I was unable to accelerate for four months after the Covid season. I play because Coach Solskjaer says he needs me.”

    During his time at Old Trafford, Eric Bailly reportedly claimed that Manchester United had a selection process that was prejudiced in favor of English players.

    After joining Marseille on loan for the season, Bailly took a shot at individuals he felt were indulged, plainly including Harry Maguire, and supported Erik ten Hag to find a solution.

    The Ivory Coast center-half, who joined United for £30 million from Villarreal in 2016 is believed to be a better defender than the club’s captain and England international, Harry Maguire. However, all the past coaches at the club especially Solskjaer and coach Ralf Rangnick preferred to play Maguire over Bailly.

    Note that Bailly has made 20 Premier League appearances over the past three seasons at Old Trafford. Even though Ten Hag urged him to stay at Old Trafford this season, he departed United for Marseille on loan. The Ivorian defender has two years left on his contract with the Red Devils.

    Following his loan move to Marseille, Bailly, an international for the Ivory Coast, stated: “The club should avoid favoring English players and give everyone a chance.

    “[The club] should promote competitiveness in the locker room rather than just watch out for a select few. I’ve always felt that the national player was given preference.

    “At Chelsea or other significant Premier League clubs, that doesn’t occur. Some squad members assume they will start, which makes them a liability.

    “Erik] Ten Hag has a lot of character, which is fortunate, and I hope he can alter that relationship.”

    Nottingham Forest loanee, Dean Henderson claimed that United had broken their promises to him, adding last month: “I didn’t want the manager to come in and be able to watch me in training.

    “I attempted to finish everything before I departed for the season since I knew he would likely want to keep me.

    “I informed everyone in the hierarchy that I needed to leave and play football because I didn’t want to be the supporting actor here.

    “Everything was preplanned. The manager entered through the door just as I was about to leave, and I haven’t spoken to him since.

    “To be honest, these past 12 months have been the most difficult of my professional life. It has been quite difficult, and I’m relieved to have survived it.”

    Despite their scathing remarks, United doesn’t seem perturbed.

    It seems sensible that they chose not to penalize Martial for his remarks against Solskjaer and Jose Mourinho because they are historical figures.

    Henderson’s remarks were questionable, but considering that they view him as their No. 1 player for the long term, the Red Devils might be wise to stay out of the fray.

    Although Bailly’s remarks were scathing, not many people are anticipating that United will give the Ivorian a second chance.

    Some supporters have praised the trio’s openness, especially in light of how many things at Old Trafford are still kept under wraps.

    It remains to be seen if they can all benefit from more effective marketing, no matter where they are.

    Next up for Manchester United is a Thursday night Europa League match against Sheriff FC (5.45 pm).

    They will be looking to rebound after last week’s 1-0 loss to Real Sociedad in the same league.


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