Manchester United fans told Paul Pogba not to come back to the club after Pogba shares his plan to return to playing again.

Paul pogba on his way to Miami for holiday with wife

Paul Pogba is a talented footballer, he is skillful but Manchester United fans feel they haven’t seen the return of paying him such a high salary. Paul Pogba earns a whooping 15.08 million GBP per year, £290,000 per week, and that is a lot of money and fans are questioning his loyalty to the club.

Pogba was injured in training while on international duty, he is been away from the club recovering on his own since then and now fans are saying they don’t want him at the club anymore.

See the comments below.

Paul Pogba signed a 5-year contract with Manchester United and he’s expected to earn £75,400,000 as agreed by both sides.   Pogba’s contract will end on June 30th, 2022, and all efforts to get him to sign a new contract have failed.

He may walk for free if he continues to refuse to work with Manchester United. The fans are upset and many do not like Pogba’s attitude to the club right now. They feel like he’s not doing enough.


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