Manchester United fans staged a protest against the Glazer family’s ownership before the Norwich match


    Manchester United fans staged a demonstration against the Glazer family prior of their match against Norwich City, expressing their displeasure with the club’s American owners.

    Manchester United fans staged a protest against the Glazer family's ownership before Norwich match

    Since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure from Manchester United, the Glazer family has come under fire on a regular basis, particularly during the club’s title drought. And 1958, a newly-formed supporter club, organized a demonstration that began at Tollgate in Stretford before marching to Old Trafford, where thousands of unhappy fans gathered before the game began to show their support.

    Fireworks were set off, and chanting about the Glazer family could be heard in the Munich tunnel while police stood outside the directors’ door, which was closed.

    Fans waved yellow and green scarves in the air, including one that read ‘Glazers and Woodward out,’ with the latter’s name scored out after former club president Ed Woodward resigned.

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    Outside the East Stand, police spotters and horses were stationed, and fans chanted, “love United, stay outside,” as The 1958 announced that supporters should not take their seats until the 17th minute – one minute for every year the Glazers have been in control.

    At kickoff, there were a few more empty seats than normal, but Old Trafford appeared to be almost completely packed.

    Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal of the game against Norwich City in the seventh minute, but the fans in attendance made their displeasure with the Glazer family quite obvious as they chanted against the club’s owners.

    Manchester United fans staged a protest against the Glazer family's ownership before Norwich match

    On Friday, a small group of fans showed up at Manchester United’s training field to express their anti-Glazer sentiments before being escorted away by police.

    The group behind the demonstration, The 1958, tweeted that they were proud of the attendance so far ahead of schedule.

    They issued a statement earlier this week calling the club “a shambles” and urging fans to attend what they believed would be a calm and family-friendly day.

    Nothing will change until the snake’s head is removed, according to the statement.

    “It’s rotten from the top down, just like any other firm.” Because the club is in disarray, we must act and raise awareness once more.


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