Manchester United Fans Are Furious After Wout Weghorst Explanation On Why He Touched Anfield Badge


    Manchester United fans are furious about Wout Weghorst’s explanation of why he touched the “This is Anfield” sign before the beginning of Liverpool Vs Manchester United Premier League clash last weekend.

    The 30-year-old former Burnley striker took to his social media account to explain to the fans the reason for his action, stating it was because of the love he has for the Manchester United fans.

    The Dutch striker claimed he knew Virgil Van Dijk always touches the “This is Anfield Sign” before any match, so he tried to stop him from touching it.

    He was trying to wind up his national teammate, Van Dijk. Weghorst continued with a statement that his passion and dedication as a Manchester United player cannot be questioned.

    Manchester United fans slams Wout Weghorst

    He has always wanted to play for Manchester United, and it is the club of his dreams.

    Weghorst claimed the match against Liverpool on March 5, 2023, was a terrible day for the team.

    Weghorst and his fellow Manchester United team-mates had apologized to the fans and planned to come back when they face Spanish side Real Betis in the Europa League on March 9, 2023.

    After that statement, he was immediately attacked by the Manchester United fans, who couldn’t get over the 7-0 defeat to their archrival Liverpool in the Premier League.

    An angry Manchester United fan said he does not believe the player and is not ready to buy his explanation.

    Another fan said Weghorst should never put on a Manchester United shirt again for putting his hands on the dirty badge.

    Another one tweeted, “No explanation needed. He needs Weghorst out of the club.”

    Another Twitter user explained that the reason Manchester United lost 7-0 was because the club was playing against 12 men.

    Manchester United fans

    Another person tweeted that he could not make up a better lie.

    Manchester United fans

    Another user named Kelvin said nobody actually cares about whatever he says. Also, he couldn’t wait for the season to end so that his club can buy a real striker that can actually score goals.

    Manchester United fans slam Wout Weghorst

    Weghorst had always shown the love he had for Liverpool at a very young age. Before moving to the Premier League, the Dutch striker had always stated his desire to play for Liverpool, but the club didn’t consider a bid for him.

    He has always treated Liverpool as a special club, even before coming to Manchester United.

    However, the striker has always been an issue of debate on whether to sign him permanently or not.

    Many believed Weghorst was playing in the No. 10 position, and his ability to make plays effectively had put the other players in a reliable position. Also his work rate is very exceptional.

    Others believe he is not the kind of striker that Manchester United needs going forward.

    They need a striker that is capable of scoring goals with pace and strength.

    Manchester United signed Weghorst because of Anthony Martial’s persistent injuries, which had reduced the number of games played by the player.

    The fans believed that if Martial had been
    fit, the club wouldn’t look at his side.


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