Manchester City Liverpool Row: “Manchester City Descended to The Level of Idiots”, Jamie Carragher Says


    Jamie Carragher has slammed Manchester City for descending to the level of idiots amid the ongoing row between the Etihad club and Liverpool.

    Manchester City
    Jamie Carragher says Manchester City has descended to the level of idiots

    Before the Liverpool Vs Manchester City Premier League game at Anfield, a comment attributed to Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has stoked flames of conflict and stirred an uproar in the Manchester City ranks.

    The Liverpool boss had reportedly stated that the Reds could not compete with the spending and financial prowess of Manchester City.

    Klopp reportedly argued that there are three clubs in the world (PSG, Manchester City, and Newcastle) who can do whatever they like due to the heavy financial arsenal backing them up.

    Jurgen Klopp’s statement was received with fury and backlash at Etihad, with Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola accusing the former Mainz manager of unparalleled bitterness for the Etihad club.

    A statement credited to Pep Guardiola in response to Jurgen Klopp’s berated pre-match comments says that the Etihad club does not hold as much grudge and bitterness for Liverpool as the Reds do.

    A reaction in some quarters in Manchester City has begun throwing tantrums at the Liverpool boss, accusing him of ‘borderline Xenophobia.’

    Meanwhile, the Liverpool boss has exonerated himself from the barrage of criticisms, maintaining that he meant no harm in the pre-match remark and that he has stood againstt Xenophobia all his life

    “Definitely. In this specific case, I don’t feel it at all. I know myself. And you cannot hit with something which is miles away from my personality. If I was (xenophobic), I would hate it. I would hate myself for being like this”, Klopp said.

    “I have said a lot of times things that were a bit open for misunderstanding. I know that. It was not intentional, just sometimes you say things and you think, ‘Oh my God! It can be interpreted like this!’ But this is not one of those moments. Absolutely.”

    English football pundits have waded into the row engulfing the two biggest clubs in England, with Jamie Carragher seemingly siding with Liverpool to slam Manchester City for a bizzare interpretation of Klopp’s comments.

    Manchester City
    Jurgen Klopp under attack for pre-match Manchester remark

    The renowned Premier League pundit and Liverpool legend hit out at City for a ‘paranoia’ disposition and having a ‘tin ear’ for compliments.

    Backing up his claims, Carragher cited an instance when he was prevented from interviewing one of their former midfielders and Spain international David Silva.

    The reaction of Manchester City to Jurgen Klopp further angered the former England star, who stated that the 2021/22 Premier League champions have “descended to the level of the idiots on Twitter and ‘crossed a line” with the claim which Klopp has denied.

    Carragher stated that he has utmost respect for Manchester City, and has used his platform at Sky Sport to highlight the unrivaled quality in the team led by Belgian wizard Kevin de Bruyne and Norwegian ace, Erling Haaland.

    “Over the years I have used my platform on Sky Sports and in this column to show my respect for City managers and players. As recently as last week I wrote De Bruyne could be the Premier League’s greatest midfielder, and said Haaland terrifies defenders”, Carragher said.

    Carragher, however, maintained that Manchester City’s quality has not been matched with a more mature approach and character toward rivals.

    He cited the David Silva incident, in which Manchester City denied him an opportunity to interview the Spaniard because he was flagging a red color in allegiance to his club, Liverpool.

    Carragher said: “Prior to David Silva’s City departure I wrote how he was one of my favourite ever Premier League players. I wanted to interview Silva before he left English football, well aware of City’s belief that their rivals receive more favourable media coverage.

    “When told of my request, City’s response was they would grant no such interview to me because ‘I wear red pom poms’. Every ex-player in the media wants their team to win but no other club has reacted to me in this way.”

    Carragher blasted the Etihad club for having a thin ear for compliments despite parading the best stars as players and best brains in its managerial roles.

    “Let me repeat what I think of the champions”, Carragher noted.

    “Manchester City have the best manager in the world, the best striker in the world and are the best team in the world.

    “It is a shame that, despite all the silverware, they have a tin ear for such compliments.”

    Before the 1-0 win by Jurgen Klopp, which ended Pep Guardiola’s unbeaten run, tensions were heightened due to Klopp’s comment.

    Manchester City doubled down on their criticism of the German tactician after the defeat.


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