Man City Stars “Throw Party With 15 Instagram Models” At Private Resort After Aston Villa Win

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    If you’ve seen Raheem Sterling’s birthday videos on social media, then this may come as no surprise to you that Manchester City players know how to get down, and party. City members showed off their dancing skills as well as their fun, yet laid back side during the birthday bash. It seems Man city is in a party mood once again especially after today’s thrashing victory.

    Man City thrashed Aston Villa 6-1 and allegedly celebrated the big win with a private party that was allegedly months in the making. Popular high end Instagram models were allegedly flown in from Italy to party with Manchester City stars following their win last weekend. The models have been updating their instastories with scenes from the hotel without any specific player in the videos. 

    City players reportedly enjoyed the company of 15 to 20 models from two Italian PR firms, who were staying at the Mere golf and spa resort in Knutsford, Cheshire.The models are reported to have been put up in the plush hotel after being ‘parachuted’ into the country on Sunday afternoon.

    City players travelled back from their victory over Aston Villa, where they won 6-1, in the evening and allegedly joined them for a rendezvous.

    It is alleged that on the night of the event, the models were taken to another exclusive venue in a bus, where they were joined by City players.

    It states that two different PR agencies from Italy were asked to find the girls for the event and to deal with the logistics behind their visit. Reports in The Sun claim that Man City manager Pep Guardiola was aware that the players were heading out on a team bonding session following the match, but it is unclear whether he knew the plans for the night. City did not have a Christmas party the previous month.

    Amira Paula (See pic below), an Instagram model who was reportedly in attendance, posted pictures of herself at the Mere resort where the girls were allegedly stayng. Italian sports presenter and former Miss Italy contestant Chiara Giuffrida (See pic below) was also said to be in Cheshire.

    Amira Paula, an Instagram model who was reportedly in attendance,

    Posts of their visits were shared on Instagram pages – with some posts said to be purposefully deleted while other Instagram ‘stories’ have expired following their 24 hour timeframe.


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