Luis Enrique maintains that having sex while competing in a World Cup is “totally normal”


    Luis Enrique joked that it was “not ideal” for a player to be at an orgy the night before a game, even though he indicated that it was normal for players to have sex before a game.

    Luis Enrique, the coach of Spain, recently addressed fans through live streaming from Qatar and said, “I don’t mind players having sex the night before matches but I draw the line at orgies.”

    Also, the Spain manager said he should have relocated to England during his playing career, sparking speculation that he’ll eventually become a Premier League coach.

    The unusual coach kept his promise to viewers to continue streaming while Spain is in the World Cup by appearing on Twitch.

    On Thursday night, he answered as many questions as he could, covering everything from whether he puts onion in his Spanish omelet to how he channeled Gavi’s energy on the field.

    When asked if athletes should be prohibited from having sex before games, he responded:

    ‘It’s ridiculous (to ban it). It’s something I consider totally normal.’

    “If you’re at an orgy the night before a match then obviously that’s not ideal, but when I’m a club coach the players are at home the night before a game and it’s not something that worries me at all.”

    ‘If it’s something they do then it’s because they need to and want to. But I repeat with common sense! Each one with their partner. It’s normal. When I was a player if I was at home before a game, with my wife, well we did what we had to do.’

    Ferran Torres, the star player for Enrique’s Spain team, is currently dating his daughter, Sira Martinez, and he once quipped that if he wasn’t started in a game, she would “cut his head off.”

    The manager responded to a question about which Spanish player might be closest to him:

    ‘That’s very easy – It’s Mr Ferran Torres – otherwise my daughter will come after me and chop off my head.’

    When asked what countries he wished he had played in later in the stream, Enrique responded as follows:  ‘England definitely. The Italian league was very strong in my era but playing in England would have helped me with my level of English and I would have been able to experience the more physical, more intense football that they have there, and experience a different culture.’

    When Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea, he attempted to sign Luis Enrique. And up until it became evident that he was not planning to leave Spain before the World Cup last season, he was Manchester United’s top managerial transfer target.

    Luis Enrique Confesses That His Daughter Has Threatened Him To Play Her Lover Ferran Torres

    The manager of Spain, Luis Enrique, made light of the situation by joking that if he didn’t select Ferran Torres for the World Cup, his daughter Sira Martinez would “cut his head off.”

    The 22-year-old winger announced his relationship with Enrique’s daughter earlier this year before switching from Manchester City to Barcelona.

    He has been selected for the Spain World Cup team after dominating at the Camp Nou this season, where he scored 12 goals in 44 games.

    And the manager responded when asked which Spanish player serves as his extension on the field:  “that’s very easy – It’s Mr Ferran Torres – otherwise my daughter will come after me and chop off my head.”

    When asked if he felt any pressure to play for Sira Martinez’s father, Ferran Torres—Sira Martinez’s partner and a professional showjumper in Barcelona—said: “Not at all.”

    “I think the coach and I, we know how to differentiate between when it’s family and when we are manager and player.”

    “I think we have to get on with it in a natural way, just that and we’re getting along fine.”

    With a crushing 7-0 victory over Costa Rica, Spain began their World Cup run in impressive fashion. Ferran Torres scored twice, and Gavi made tournament history by becoming the youngest player (18 years and 110 days old) to score at the World Cup.


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