Looking for Football Jobs? Here Are Some Roles You Can Apply For


Football is one of the sports that have gained the interest of many worldwide. Due to this interest, so many people have been nursing the idea of finding a career in the football world. But, the challenge with most people is that they want to become professional Football players, which has become challenging. So, if you are looking for Football jobs, we will highlight some roles you can apply for and satisfy your passion and interest.

Football Jobs for People Who Like Football

There are different careers you can venture into, if you are someone who loves football, and this is important because everyone cannot be a footballer. That is why when looking for football jobs be open to the other side of the football industry to get a job. Follow us as we check some football jobs for people who like football.

Football coach

This is one of the jobs you can apply for if you want football jobs, and you major duty is to oversee the players. You will lead the team to any match they have and give them different strategies and skills for them to win. Also, you can help a player mature from amateur to a professional. You can start developing yourself with those young boys in your street and use that to develop your coaching activities.

Football Commentator

I stumbuled on a guy from Twitter, who gave a commentory about a match, recorded it, anmd uploaded it on Twitter, the amazing thing is he tagged a top football commentory, and the man retweeted it. This shows that the young man did a great job, and this another way to develop yourself and finally land a football commentory work.


This is another football jobs you can apply for, when yoiu finaly have all the requirements, and skills to get one. Your major role here is to study different games, analyse it and also provide statistics to back up your analysis. You can also talk about players performance, coach performance, and what strategy can be adopted by each team after each game. You can work for different organizations as a football analyst.

Sports Journalist

Sports journalists will cover football news and events for media outlets. They attend matches, press conferences, and other events to gather information and report it to their audience. Also, you may need to be a mass communication student before applying here; however, you can develop your skills to fit this role.

Physical Therapist

You are to work with injured players to help them feel better from injuries and regain their physical abilities. They may work for individual teams or sports medicine clinics. You may need to be a medical practitioner to be able to work in this field.


As a referee, you are responsible for enforcing the game’s rules and ensuring that games run smoothly. They make important decisions during games, such as calling fouls, awarding penalties, and determining whether goals have been scored. You can start developing yourself from your local community by officiating for different matches.

How to get Football jobs

To find the job you want, you will need to take steps to get it. If you’re looking to find football jobs, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Network: this is a great way to learn about job opportunities within the football industry. Ensure you attend events, connect with industry professionals on social media, and join different online forums or groups dedicated to football.
  2. Research job listings: Many job listing websites and platforms specialize in sports jobs, including football. Some popular websites include Hubforjobs, Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.
  3. Check team websites: Many football teams post job openings on their websites, including coaching positions, scout roles, and other opportunities. Check the websites of your favorite teams regularly to stay up-to-date on any job openings.
  4. Contact football organizations: If you’re interested in working for a specific football organization, contact them directly to inquire about job opportunities. You can often find contact information on their website and pitch or sell yourself to them.
  5. Consider internships: Many football organizations offer internships for people interested in working in the industry. Internships can be a great way to gain experience, build your network, and get your foot in the door.
  6. Build your skills and experience: To be a hot cake in the football job market, it’s important to have relevant skills and experience. Consider volunteering, taking courses or certifications, or working in a related field to build your skills and experience.

What college football head coaching jobs are still open?

There are different college jobs open that you can apply for, provided you have the requirements and can deliver perfectly. But most of the college football coaching jobs we will be listing are from outside Nigeria, but you never call tell, applying for them can hasten your desire to travel out of the country.

Assistant Football Coach

Job Type: Full-time

Full Job Description

Methodist University is accepting applications for this Full Time – Defensive Assistant Football Coach, at this NCAA Division III institution and proud member of the USA South Athletic Conference. Responsibilities include coaching a Defensive Position, as well as assisting the head coach in all aspects of recruiting, retention, organizing, developing and implementing best practices for our football program in accordance with NCAA, USA South Conference and Methodist University guidelines, regulations and philosophies.

Send letter of application, resume and contact information on three professional references to Keven Williams, Head Football Coach at: [email protected]. Applications will be reviewed immediately upon arrival and continue until the position is filled.

Methodist University in harmony with its tradition takes seriously the ethical and moral development of students. Methodist University reserves the right to authenticate academic and professional credentials and consult public records prior to extending offers of employment. AA/EOE

  • Bachelor’s Degree required.
  • Master’s Degree preferred.
  • Successful coaching experience required with demonstrated experience in the recruitment and retention of student athletes at the NCAA III level.
  • Graphic Design experience will be strongly considered.

Head Football Coach

Full Job Description

The Head Football Coach is responsible for all administrative and organizational aspects of the NCAA Division I FCS Football Program within the mission of the University and its philosophy of Intercollegiate Athletics. The head football coach will hold academic requirements and pursuits as a matter of highest priority and will actively encourage student-athletes to succeed academically and acquire a degree. The head football coach directly supervises the Offensive and Defensive Coordinators and all assistant coaches, athletes, video personnel and managers. The coach is also responsible for budget development and administration, recruitment of student-athletes, adherence to NCAA, Pioneer Football League and University regulations with regard to recruiting, admission standards and eligibility, monitoring student-athlete academic progress, the scheduling of athletic practices and contests, and the establishment of effective media relations. The head coach will play a major role in fundraising activities and serve as a representative of the University to the outside community when appropriate.

Duties and Responsibilities:

As Head Football Coach, direct involvement with all administrative and organizational aspects of an NCAA Division I FCS program under the supervision of the Associate AD.

  • Supervision of offensive and defensive coordinators and assistant coaches with responsibilities for the overall operation of the program
  • Coordinate all coaching assignments for the entire staff for special duties, film breakdown, on field responsibilities and responsibilities regarding team travel.
  • Supervision of all student athletes in a coordinated and planned program of practices and competition, with a concern for the players’ health and welfare, physical and psychological preparation.
  • In cooperation with the Senior Associate AD, uphold all University academic policies and assist, when appropriate, in counseling student-athletes relative to academic success, progress and eligibility.
  • Enforce University and athletic department policies and regulations in regard to the use/abuse of alcohol and drugs by team members.
  • Foster and maintain positive student body and faculty relations with student athletes
  • Recommend to the Sport Supervisor and Director of Athletics, an annual budget for the program and operate within the approved budget.
  • Designate the appropriate members of the coaching staff to work with the Manager of Athletic Equipment Services to purchase uniforms, supplies and equipment as approved by the Director of Athletics.
  • Designate the responsibility for all team and travel, meals and ensure lodging with prompt resolution of accounts.
  • Prepare and organize a representative schedule for approval by the Director of Athletics. Consideration should be given to the academic life of student-athletes, i.e., missed class time, examination periods and other factors that would adversely affect their academic success.
  • Participation in public relations, promotion and fund-raising activities as conducted by the University and/or department.
  • Maintain professional growth through attending meetings, coaches’ clinics, workshops, etc.
  • Assist in the organization of any team and/or department awards presentations to student-athletes.
  • Establish and maintain positive relations with the media.

Responsibility for recruiting academically and athletically qualified student-athletes for admission to the University with adherence to admissions and athletic department policies and procedures.

  • Knowledge of and adherence to all University, NCAA and PFL Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures with special attention to recruiting, eligibility, admissions and financial aid
  • Coordinate the assignment of regions to assistants and position coaches for effective and efficient recruiting.
  • Assign responsibility for all on campus official visits to appropriate assistant coaches.

Overall responsibility for football camps and clinics

  • Work with Associate AD for Business and Associate AD for Facilities and Operations in setting of prices for camps. Responsible for all hiring and conduct of staff.
  • In conjunction with Assistant Director for Sports Camps, set all camp dates and reserve all sites.
  • Complete all necessary Human Resource paperwork, including background checks.
  • Ensure safety of campers while on campus and consult directly with Associate AD for Facilities and Operations on any behavior or safety concerns.
  • Responsible for recruitment of campers and overall budget for camps.

Special Conditions of Employment:

  • Must be able to travel for extended periods of time for athletic and recruiting events.
  • Must be able to work long hours.

The University of San Diego is requiring all employees to follow our Covid-19 vaccine requirement process. https://www.sandiego.edu/onward/

Background check: Successful completion of a pre-employment background check.

Degree Verification Requirement: Persons offered employment in this position will be required to provide official education transcripts for degree verification purposes.

Job Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree preferred; bachelor’s required.
  • At least 5 years of related experience, which could include a combination of professional team, college or junior college or high school.

Performance Expectations: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to recruit and develop student athletes academically and athletically.
  • Possess good communication and organizational skills.
  • Understanding of NCAA, PFL and USD rules and regulations and academic expectation of the University.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:

  • Heartsaver CPR /AED certification required. Must have this certificate within 6 weeks of employment.
  • Must pass NCAA Division I Coaches Recruiting Test, (yearly). Must complete this within 6 weeks of employment.
  • California driver’s license required within 6 weeks of employment.

Posting Salary:

$10,000 – $16,666.66 per month; Excellent Benefits

The University of San Diego offers a very competitive benefits package including; medical, dental, vision, a retirement contribution given to you by the University, and access to on-campus Fitness Centers. Please visit the benefits section of our website to view all of the perks and benefits that USD has to offer.

Special Application Instructions:

Resume and Cover Letter Required: Please upload a cover letter and resume to your application profile for the hiring managers’ review. If you have any questions or difficulties please contact the Employment Services Team at 619-260-6806, or email us at [email protected]

Jobs in Football to apply for

There are so many jobs in football that you try out, but as at the time of wrtiting this article we do not have much listed on our homepage. But here is one of the football jobs you can apply for:

YouTube Video cast for Premier League game day braodcast

Job Summary

Experience: 4+ Years

Job Type: Hybrid job

Job Details

Futball News is hiring YouTube video experts to participate in our game commentary broadcast. In some rare cases, the person will work from home or record the video from home.

We have a studio where we will be recording on game days and sometimes we will go to town to speak to Premier League fans. Sometimes the coverage can be on MLS soccer and that production will be handled in the house too.


  • Must be able to operate a video camera
  • Camera-ready and camera sharp
  • Must be available on game days which are mainly weekends and some weekdays
  • Able to work with a microphone and a teleprompter.
  • Affluent in English and sometimes in pidgin English
  • Must reside in Nigeria
  • Must have inept knowledge of football positions, and players, and be familiar with the premier league rules.
  • Ready to have a respective discussion on Air.


Football coaching jobs

There are different football coaching jobs that you can apply for, provided you have the requirements. You should know that football coach jobs can be challenging to find in Nigeria. As a job agency, try other football jobs for people who like Football and use that to build yourself and learn more about becoming a coach.

However, at the time of writing this article, we do not have football coaching jobs on our homepage. Still, you can bookmark this page so that whenever we update the different football jobs, you can be among the first set of people to be notified and apply for your dream job.

Football operation jobs

The role of a Football Operation manager involves overseeing the day-to-day operations of a football club or organization. This includes managing the logistical and administrative aspects of the club, such as scheduling matches, arranging travel for players and staff, managing budgets, and coordinating with other departments, such as marketing and media.

But as of the time of curating this article we do not have football operation jobs on our homepage. We will love you to bookmark this page so that you won’t the update as soon as we update the jobs here.

In conclusion, on Football Jobs

Football jobs are one of the most lucrative and mind-blowing jobs regarding the benefits attached, which is why many people want to venture into the field. One thing reiterated is that getting any football job in Nigeria can be challenging; pick another part of the field and develop yourself there. This is why we have discussed other jobs you can try out in the football industry.

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