Liverpool Star Mohamed Salah has Enraged Huge Sections of the Islamic Community With His Christmas Message


    After posting a Christmas celebration photo with his family, Liverpool sensation Mohamed Salah has upset certain members of the Islamic community.

    Salah and Family

    Some individuals were offended that Salah, who is a devout Muslim, was enjoying a Christian festival.

    This isn’t the first time Salah has sparked outrage on Christmas Day; the Egyptian has previously published similar joyful photos and endured a barrage of internet hate as a result.

    Salah shared a photo of himself and his family wearing similar pyjamas as they sat in front of a lavishly adorned Christmas tree on Twitter on Christmas Day. It’s a classic holiday family photo.

    The Egyptian’s message, however, elicited a barrage of venomous reactions, with some suggesting that a devout Muslim should not be enjoying a religious Christian event.

    While many people utilized the chance to wish him and his family a Merry Christmas, the photo sparked outrage among the Islamic community, with Salah receiving thousands of angry comments.

    Those who adhere to Islam’s teachings by word were quick to remind Salah that, as a Muslim, he is not permitted to celebrate holidays associated with other religions, such as Christmas with Christianity.

    Liverpool FC star Mo Salah poses in matching Christmas pyjamas for cute  whole family festive snap - Liverpool Echo
    Salah Christmas

    While the majority of the words given to Salah from his fellow Muslims were not particularly complimentary – as you can see if you sift through the quote tweets of Salah’s post – Salah WAS backed by some.

    However, it is likely that said Westerners have a poor understanding of Islam and its adherents’ aspirations. We should all endeavor to understand and respect each other’s points of view. In this case, there is no correct thinking or sensation.

    Salah’s wholesome appearance is aided by his tight bond with his daughter Makkah. He is a well-known global champion for women and children.

    Salah’s wife Maggi gave birth to their first child, Kayan, in February.

    Blow are comments from some users after he posted this:

    Comments from some user
    Comments from some user

    Mo Salah, on the other hand, is unconcerned because he is spending the holiday season with that segment of his fan base. He will continue to do what he has always done in previous years.

    The Muslim community can only be enraged, but they have no power over his decision regarding how he celebrates with others.


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