Liverpool Have The Least Expensive Premier League Tickets [Full List of Cheapest EPL Tickets And How to Buy]


Liverpool have the least expensive Premier League tickets followed by Chelsea, Burnley, and Southampton.

Everton are down the ladder with their cheapest ticket price going as much as £55 – the same price of an average ticket price per match.

However, there are variations on the prices from home and away fixtures and also depending on the profile of matches, age category of fans, and viewing options.

How Premier League match tickets prices are determined

Premier League match ticket prices are affected by several factors ranging from the profile of the match determined by the quality of the opponents, and match venue. From various research, local derbies seem to cost more than other matches due to a ready demand among the fan base. Also, clubs have variety of viewing options for fans.

Premier League tickets

Depending on one’s purchasing power, one can go for as much as a £240 ticket which is offered by Chelsea in the club’s VIP stand or choosing Liverpool’s £9 offer for a restricted view on the stands for adults.

Also, ticket prices vary across different ages and category. There are adult tickets offered for grown-ups which cost more than ticket options for teenagers.

Another factor also having a bearing on Premier League ticket prices is the role of third party vendors. As expected, ticket prices sold by third party vendors goes for higher prices than the normal price offer from the clubs.

Premier League tickets

For instance, at Event Ticket Master, prices of Premier League tickets go as far as £1000 per match to £260.

Fluctuating Premier League ticket prices for different fans

All Premier League clubs have variety of ticket prices for different categories of fans. Manchester United ticket prices vary from £60 to £35 depending on the age category of the fans and viewing options on the menu.

Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham equally offer different ticket prices for fans but the general factor underlying such changes is the view. The best view of action on the pitch is always at the middle deck of the stands and seats there cost more than the lower decks. Also, VIP stands commands higher prices as it balances best view with other luxurious seating arrangement.

Average Premier League ticket prices

The average cost of Premier League ticket prices has been estimated from £40 to £55. Changes to the price are due to third party sales, stadium capacity and facilities, match profiles and other sundry factors.

How to buy Premier League tickets

Premier League tickets are available on various online stores, the Premier League official website, and the the club’s individual online stores.

Big clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur with huge overseas followership always deploy a membership ticket purchase system in which interested fans could sign up and purchase entire season’ tickets at a go on the club’s website.

Full list of cheapest Premier League tickets for all 20 Premier League clubs

Liverpool £9
Chelsea £25
Burnley £25
Bournemouth £28
Arsenal £28
West Ham £30
Brighton £30
Brentford £30
Sheffield United £30
Fulham £35
Wolves £35
Manchester United £36
Tottenham £37
Nottingham Forest £38
Aston Villa £40
Crystal Palace £42
Manchester City £44
Newcastle United £44
Everton £55
Luton Town (Not Available)


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