Liverpool For Sale? Liverpool owner John Henry Breaks Silence on Rumors


    Liverpool owner and Principal of Fenway Sports Group, John Henry, has broken his silence on reports that the club is up for sale.

    John Henry Principal of Fenway Sports Group

    In November 2023 rumours spread like wildfire that the Reds – one of the best clubs in England – was up for sale.

    Reports that the Anfield club was up for sale followed the decision of the Glazers family to sell Manchester United.

    It was believed after Chelsea takeover and Manchester United’s impending change of ownership, other top English clubs may toe same line and witness a change of hands in ownership.

    Some pundits attributed the decision of some top club executives to relinquish ownership of their clubs to the botched European Super League and the projected rivalry on the Premier League top-four race.

    The Newcastle and Chelsea takeover, including rumored change of ownership at Everton and Tottenham were nightmares to some Premier League club owners.

    As big money investors lay siege on Premier League clubs, some club owners feared losing out on the expected competiton. A typical example is the Newcastle dilemma.

    FSG have lost the confidence of Liverpool fans since the ESL faceoff

    Champions League offers clubs huge financial leverage and turnover to offset debts and other overhead at the club.

    It was evident, as more high net worth investors plunge their investments into the Premier League, the top four race was set to be more dicey than ever.

    With the European Super League – another big alternative to the the Champions League – scrapped, and Champions League football less likely, it was evident that club’s profit margins will be squeezed. Hence, some club owners were reportedly ready to cashout selling the club instead of risking profit losses in the emerging more competitive Premier League football in the future

    Fenway Sports Group rumored plan to sell Liverpool

    After the Glazers at Manchester United, Liverpool onwers Fenway Sports Group, (FSG) were next in line. There were reports Liverpool were up for sale for FSG, led by John Henry, who was reportedly ready to exit the reins at Anfield.

    Following the news, there were reports of interest from the Middle East ready to buy the club.

    Meanwhile, John Henry had remained silent and barely speak of his decision to exit the club after over a decade of ownership despite the rumors.


    Now, the 73-year-old has dropped a bombshell claiming FSG’s commitment, which has been misinterpreted by the media, remains undiluted.

    Speaking in a recent interview, made available by Daily Mail, John Henry
    stressed that they are not planning to sell the club but were looking for a third party who could add to their investment.

    “I know there has been a lot of conversation and quotes about LFC (Liverpool Football Club), but I keep to the facts: we merely formalized an ongoing process”, he said.

    ”Will we be in England forever? No. Are we selling LFC? No. Are talking with investors about LFC? Yes. Will something happen there? I believe so, but it won’t be a sale. Have we sold anything in the past 20+ years?”

    Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is said to have toed the same line that the club is not for sale when he was asked about rumors John Henry wants to sell the club.

    Fenway Sports Group, who were formed in 2001, bought Liverpool from Tom Hicks and George Gillet for £300m in 2010. After Jurgen Klopp joined the club from Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool have gained their Premier League giant status under the FSG.

    They have won the Champions League, Premier League, regularly makes the top four, and also challenge Manchester City’s Premier League dominance in recent years.

    John Henry was among some top European club owners, who pushed for the formation of the European Super League.

    He, however, apologized to Liverpool fans after the beleguered elitist tournament was dropped due to mounting criticisms and protests.


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