List Of Some Famous Ladies Who Are Fans Of Manchester United


Manchester United are one of the most gigantic football clubs in the world and as such it is not shocking to see that the English heavyweights have an assemblage of famous fans across the globe. 

Ranging from Porn stars, singers, Television personalities to the creme de la creme of Hollywood, the endearing nature of Manchester United goes far and wide. 

The Red Army might have lost a few disloyal fans over the last few years having not been as competitive as they previously were in terms of battling for big honours, but it seems like times are changing and they have a renewed hope with Erik Ten Hag who is presumably taken the club back to its glory days. 

The English giants have all but secured qualification to the UEFA Champions League for next season and the Premier League for next campaign would be at the top of their list in terms of target for next campaign.

Some famous ladies who are fans of Manchester United

Futballnews would be reeling out to you a list of some famous ladies who are devoted fans of the most successful side in England:

  • Rihanna 

Manchester United fans have associated Rihanna to the club and they have made her a fan of the team after she wore a red skirt during a visit to the city of Manchester in 2013.

The megastar had visited Manchester for her UK tour and she decided to put on the Manchester United red rather than Manchester City’s iconic blue. 

  • Miley Cyrus  

The pop musician was at risk of the anger of Birmingham fans in 2014 when she was spotted in and around the Midlands wearing her United Jersey. 

Manchester United even posted the pictures on their official Twitter account with fans sheepishly asking if the wrecking Ball singer could get a spot in the squad. 

  • Gemma Atkinson 

One could possibly link Gemma’s affiliation for Manchester United back to when she was dating the icon Cristiano Ronaldo in 2007.

Gemma Atkinson

She also dated former Everton and Brentford player Marcus Bent, she is now in a relationship with Strictly Come Dancing star Gorka Marquez. 

  • Julia Roberts 

For Julia Roberts, all her kids are devoted fans of Manchester United alongside her. The 55-year-old paid a visit to the club at their US training camp in 2017.

Julia Roberts

She supported the team in a pre-season encounter against Real Madrid and in 2016 she was at Old Trafford to watch Manchester United’s game against West Ham United.

  • Jessie Ware 

The British musician Jessie has disclosed that she is an “obsessed” fan of Manchester United. Ware had an interview with Red Bull and she expatiated how she desired to a “football journalist” when she was younger. 

Jessie Ware

The 38-year-old soon found out that music was what would take her to stardom. She is a six-time Brit award nominee. 

  • Jenna Jameson 

The Pornster was once named the world’s most popular adult performer and she is a big fan of Manchester United. Jenna, who starred in movies like Dirt Merchant and Erotic Aftershock made efforts at getting tickets to a pre-season friendly in 2015.

Jenna Jameson

We’re not certain if she manage to acquire the tickets. When she was asked if she was a devoted fan of Manchester United, she answered: “Yessss. Of course! Huge fan.”

  • Rachel Riley 

The countdown expert in mathematics accompanied her dad’s footsteps in supporting Manchester United and she even took her daughter Maven Aria to Old Trafford for her first ever match. 

Rachel Riley

Riley frequently posts pictures of her donning United merch on her social media accounts. 

  • Ulrika Jonsson 

She is a sweedish Television personality and she famously was in a relationship with former Manchester City manager, Sven Goran Eriksson. 

Ulrika Jonsson

However, even though her support may be more with Sweden than England, she has a massive admiration for Manchester United 

Sven Goran Eriksson had several heated battles with former United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson and while they were dating, Ulrika definitely might have found her loyalties tested. 


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