Lionel Messi Is Not The Humble And Honest Player That Everyone Thinks He Is – Former Liverpool Keeper Jerzy Dudek Reveals


    Lionel Messi has been confirmed not be a humble and quiet player but rather a “provocative” individual, according to ex-Liverpool star Jerzy Dudek.

    Lionel Messi Is Not The Humble And Honest Player That Everyone Thinks He Is - Former Liverpool Keeper Jerzy Dudek

    Dudek is rumored to have discussed some of his former foes and teammates in his book. And Dudek, a Liverpool player who helped his team win the Champions League, shared his opinions on the Argentine great.

    Il Posticipo, an Italian publication, quotes him as saying: “It was very provocative (things Messi said), as were Barcelona and their coach Pep Guardiola.

    “They were always willing to bother you and many times they managed to do it perfectly.

    “I’ve seen and heard Messi say such rude things to Pepe and Ramos that you can’t even imagine that they can come out of the mouth of a person who seems so calm and friendly.”

    Dudek moved from Liverpool to Real Madrid in 2007, where he stayed until his retirement in 2011. Real Madrid and Barcelona are bitter rivals.

    Lionel Messi left Barcelona in 2021 because the team was unable to re-sign him due to budgetary constraints.

    As a result, he ended up at his current club Paris-Saint Germain, and following a rather disappointing season in 2021-2022, he has now rediscover his magic.

    The 35-year-old has made 13 appearances this season and has eight goals and eight assists, helping PSG to the top spot as they attempt to win Ligue 1 twice in a row.

    But there is currently uncertainty around Messi’s future due to rumors that he may return to Barcelona next summer.

    He also stated that his World Cup performance in Qatar would be his last, though it is unclear if that will also signal his full international retirement.

    However, Dudek extended his criticisms of Messi’s character to Cristiano Ronaldo and Raul, two more former teammates at Real Madrid.

    Lionel Messi Is Not The Humble And Honest Player That Everyone Thinks He Is - Former Liverpool Keeper Jerzy Dudek

    The shots topper continued: “Raul was a very arrogant character, but overall he was a normal guy.

    “Cristiano Ronaldo, on the other hand, is very self-centered but he really wants to win.

    “Surely he would prefer a 1-0, with a goal of his than a 5-0 without scoring him.”

    “Other than that, he’s an absolutely normal guy, but I understand he can be perceived differently from the outside.”

    Ronaldo recently reached 700 club goals after scoring the game-winning goal against Everton.

    Who is Jerzy Dudek?

    Jerzy Henryk Dudek, a former goalkeeper for professional Polish football, was born on March 23, 1973.

    After starting his career in his native country, he later enjoyed successful stints in the Netherlands and England. In 2005, he won the Champions League with Liverpool and played in 186 matches for the team over the course of six seasons. He also worked for Real Madrid for four years.

    Dudek represented Poland at the 2002 World Cup and was the second-most capped player in his position with 60 appearances.

    One boy, Aleksander, and two daughters, Victoria and Natalia, were born to Dudek and his wife, Mirella.

    Before getting the chance to play football, he said that he had taken training to follow in the shoes of his miner father. Dariusz, his younger brother, played football as well, primarily with Odra Wodzisaw.

    Is Lionel Messi really humble?

    While some believe Lionel Messi to be modest, others, particularly those who have had firsthand contact with him, claim he is only pretending to be so.

    The Argentine has occasionally displayed humility, but the rare occasions when he hasn’t are far louder and more obvious.

    He demonstrated three times that he wasn’t as humble as he appeared to be while he was in Barcelona:

    Dispute with Joao Felix

    This was the Argentine’s most recent and completely meaningless altercation. Jordi Alba was pointing his index finger towards the Portuguese and touching his left face when Joao Felix slapped his arm away from him.

    At halftime, Felix was heading towards the tunnel when Lionel Messi approached him and lifted him up when it was obvious he could have avoided it. Messi discreetly left the audience as the rest of Felix’s teammates approached to defend the former Benfica star.

    Slamming Ivan Strinic’s foot

    Lionel Messi with Argentina is like a lover in a terrible relationship with his partner; despite his best efforts, the number 10 doesn’t always appear at his best when representing his nation.

    2018 World Cup: Croatia dominated them, winning 3-0. Messi was once so angered by everything that when Ivan Strinic tripped him, Messi was enraged and slammed his foot away in protest.

    Headbutting Yanga-Mbiwa and attempting to suffocate him

    What makes it even more stunning is that it had place during a preseason friendly game. Messi was being closely man marked by the Roma defenders before the incident.

    At one point, Messi attempted to pass to his former teammate Neymar of Barcelona, but he was deemed to be offside. Yanga-Mbiwa and Messi then got into a verbal duel, during which Yanga-Mbiwa appeared to touch Messi’s forehead.

    The Roma defender was choked by the Argentine’s left hand before being pushed away. The Argentine was having none of it and smacked his head away.


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