Lionel Messi Hunts For A New Home Despite Owning Four Apartments Worth £15 Million On Miami Beach


    Lionel Messi is poised to transfer to Inter Miami, a team in Major League Soccer (MLS) that is co-owned by the iconic David Beckham.

    The agreement for the Argentine’s superstar transfer to the United States club is valued at £47 million per year, which will come into effect from today, July 1st.

    Meanwhile, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner is already searching for a new place to call home.

    According to reports, it is said that Messi is considering purchasing a waterfront condo for his family, which includes his partner Antonella Roccuzzo and their children.

    Lionel Messi and his family

    Nevertheless, he already possesses a substantial property portfolio in The Magic City valued at £15 million.

    This consists of a remarkable 4,400-square-foot apartment located in the prestigious Porsche Design Tower, the entire ninth floor of the Regalia Tower situated on Collins Avenue, and TWO luxurious units in the nearby Trump Royale tower.

    Porsche Design Tower

    According to a report by Spanish outlet Cadena Ser in 2020, it was announced that Messi purchased an apartment in the Porsche Design Tower located in Miami around mid-2019.

    Lionel Messi
    Porsche Design Tower

    It is rumored that he purchased the apartment for approximately £7.2 million.
    The magnificent building permits residents to park their cars on their designated floors.

    In essence, there is a garage located within residents’ living room. Additionally, there is a “car concierge” who is responsible for maintaining and servicing the vehicle.

    lift that takes cars to the floors of the residents’ home

    With its breathtaking views of the coastline, this property is proudly associated with a renowned German car manufacturer and offers a wide range of amenities.

    One of the most impressive and unique features of this place is the Dezervator. It is a one-of-a-kind lift that allows occupants to transport themselves and their cars directly to their unit.

    The residents of this building enjoy exclusive amenities such as a private restaurant, chilled wine lockers, and an outdoor lounge with a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean.

    In addition, the building has a dedicated floor that features a private cinema, a golf simulator, and a racing simulator.

    Also, the property offers 24-hour security, a heated swimming pool, a gym, and a spa.
    It has been reported that approximately 20 billionaires own homes in that area.

    The Regalia Tower; worth £6 million.

    Just two years after purchasing his Porsche Design Tower residence, Lionel Messi showcased his wealth by acquiring a larger property just a few doors away for a sum of £6 million.

    Messi splashed £6m on an apartment in the Regalia

    The Regalia Tower offers a highly exclusive experience with only 39 available tenancies.

    According to reports, it was suggested that Messi purchased the entire ninth floor of the tower.

    That translates to a total area of more than 5,500 square feet, making it incredibly spacious.

    The apartment features four bedrooms and multiple bathrooms, and it is renowned for its exceptional decor.

    The building includes charming Italian marble, fine wood, and Woodbury with a wine cooler capable of storing up to a thousand bottles.

    The residents are provided with a variety of amenities, including six swimming pools, a spa, a fitness center, a yoga studio, a children’s playhouse, a chef’s kitchen, and a champagne bar.

    The reported monthly rent cost is £31,000.

    Lionel Messi’s Trump Royale apartment; £800,000 each

    Located in the Capital of Cool, just a few doors down from the Regalia Tower, is the Trump Royale.

    There is limited information available regarding the two purchases made by the former Barcelona resident in the building situated on the 40th and 43rd floors.

    Lionel Messi
    Messi owns two apartments in Trump Royale

    However, it offers all the amenities typically found in a five-star hotel.

    Inside contains a range of convenient services that can enhance the residents’ relaxation.

    These include concierge services, travel reservations, catering options, chauffeur services, and an elegant business center.

    However, there is less privacy, as these properties were primarily purchased as investments.

    The building, which stands at 55 stories tall, boasts a total of 278 luxurious units.

    Biscayne Keys rented apartment

    During the Copa America in 2021, Messi opted to rent a stunning four-story home in Biscayne Keys for a monthly fee of £200,000.

    Lionel Messi
    Biscayne Keys rented apartment

    This blueprint is likely what the forward is seeking in a new home.

    The property was located on the waterfront and boasted luxurious amenities such as an infinity pool, a boat dock, and a spacious roof terrace.

    The house, with its five bedrooms, provided a more spacious and family-oriented living environment compared to the apartments he already owned.

    It offered him a glimpse into the vibrant Miami lifestyle.

    In addition to the buzzing social scene, A-list celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen, Tom Cruise, Cindy Crawford, Shakira, and many others will be in the company of Messi.

    What’s next for Lionel Messi?

    Lionel Messi will be joining a Miami team that is currently at the bottom of the MLS standings after playing 16 games.

    His contract with Inter Miami extends until 2026 and is rumored to bring him a substantial income ranging from £100m to £120m.

    In addition, it has been reported that Messi also desires to have his children receive education in the United States, and his relocation would enable him to fulfill this wish.


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