Lionel Messi confesses that Argentina’s triumph over Mexico has relieved him of a “weight”


    Lionel Messi has admitted that having Argentina’s fate back in his hands was a weight off his shoulders after inspiring his team to victory.

    Lionel Messi confesses that Argentina's triumph over Mexico has relieved him of a "weight"

    Messi scored the decisive first goal in a 2-0 victory over Mexico at the Lusail Stadium, helping the South Americans recover from a humiliating loss to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

    “Given the defeat, we didn’t anticipate the days to be as lengthy as they were, and we were excited for the opportunity to make things right,” Messi said. “We were aware that a victory would give us another chance, as failure would mean elimination.”

    “Luckily we won and it is a weight off our shoulders, a reason for joy and peace of mind because it is all down to us again.”

    Messi scored the game’s first goal with a precise drive in the 64th minute, and substitute Enzo Fernandez later added a second.

    “The first half was difficult, due to the situation and our need to win,’ added Messi. “We couldn’t any find spaces, we were not moving the ball but that was normal given the situation.”

    “Everything was at stake but in the second half, we played our game. We showed what we stand for. Possession, space between the lines, moving the ball closer to the area and then the goal changed the game.”

    “We needed to win to bring peace of mind and start again, do again what we stand for. Then to approach the Poland game in a different way.”

    Lionel Scaloni, the manager of Argentina, asked fans to let loose, let go of the strain, and enjoy the World Cup, as well as Messi.

    “It’s a football game,’ said Scaloni. “The feeling you are playing more than a football match is not nice. And I don’t share this opinion. We need to make adjustments. We should have more common sense.”

    “We will try to make them feel like this is a football game. Otherwise, every time we face something like this, the feeling we have will be relief. It’s difficult to make people understand tomorrow the sun will shine whether you lose or not.”

    “The important thing is to enjoy this World Cup. Messi should enjoy this World Cup. Argentina fans should enjoy seeing him playing. We need to keep feet on ground, play another game, keep working, keep on this road.”

    The 35-year-old was praised by Scaloni as the best in the world. The Argentine manager remarked, “We have known for many years. Watching them all play is exciting. You may not experience a sense of identification with this squad because you choose not to.”

    Lionel Messi confesses that Argentina's triumph over Mexico has relieved him of a "weight"

    Argentina beat a tenacious Mexican team in their Group C match at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar to tie Poland. Lionel Messi and Enzo Fernandez contributed to the victory.

    Lionel Messi of PSG and Enzo Fernandez, a 21-year-old midfielder for Benfica, both scored goals in the second half to help Argentina defeat Mexico in their second group game in Qatar.

    Argentina is now once again a contender for the FIFA World Cup crown in 2022. Due to two fantastic goals from Lionel Messi and Enzo Fernandez, the Albiceleste overcame Mexico 2-0 and now have a chance to move on to the Round of 16.

    There is still work to be done. Argentina has not advanced, but if they defeat Poland on Wednesday, they can win Group C.


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