Kylian Mbappe is not happy with Olivier Giroud’s criticism of his French teammates


Kylian Mbappe told the media that he was not happy with Olivier Giroud for criticizing his French teammates in public after a friendly game on June 8.

When the France national team was preparing for the ongoing European Championship (Euro 2020), the team played a friendly match against Bulgaria three days before the kick-off of the tournament.

In the game, the head coach of France’s national team, Didier Deschamps decided to play Karim Benzema ahead of Olivier Giroud. In the second half of the friendly match, Giroud was introduced into the game and scored two goals in France’s 3-0 win over Bulgaria.

After the game, Giroud who is five goals away from breaking France’s all-time highest goalscorer record currently held by Thierry Henry told the media that his teammates did not supply him the ball even though he was making some movement in the opponent’s eighteen-yard box which would have earned the team more goals.

“I was a little quiet because, sometimes, I make runs and the balls aren’t forthcoming,” Giroud said, “I am not saying that I always make the best runs but I am seeking to offer solutions in the box.”

In the reaction of Kylian Mbappe who also played in the friendly game, the 22-year-old Paris Saint Germain striker argued that the 34-year-old Chelsea striker ought to have discussed his displeasure with his teammates inside the locker room.

Mbappe revealed that he never hesitate to discuss with his teammates in the locker room whenever he experiences anything he does not like on the pitch.

The PSG talisman who has scored 17 goals in 43 appearances for France noted that Giroud’s decision to discuss the team with the press could become a problem for the team in the ongoing European Championship.

Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud on international duty.
Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud on international duty.

Kylian Mbappe said: “It’s not what he said. Frankly, what he said doesn’t bother me. I’m a striker and it’s an opinion. He is expressing an opinion when he speaks. It doesn’t bother me.

“I’m a striker and I’ve had this feeling 365 times in a game and I will have it again when you feel you’re not getting the service [of the ball]. It’s more about making it public.

“I congratulated him for scoring in the changing room, he didn’t say anything to me, and then I heard from the press. He didn’t say anything bad.

“He’s a striker, he wants to score goals, he’s near a record and when you’re a striker, whether you like it or not, it gets into your head. If he could have scored another goal he would have done so.

“But making it [the argument] public…I would have preferred to let him come and be even more vocal in the changing room. It’s happened to me. We have known each other for a while.

“You know what I am like in the changing room. If I have something to say to someone I say it. That’s not a problem but it stays in the changing room. But it’s not a problem, these are small trifles.

“And I don’t want this preparation, which has started well – because we have played some good matches – to be spoiled or for the squad to be affected because the squad doesn’t need this. We have some difficult challenges to face and we don’t need to create our own obstacles.”

France national team will play their first game in the Euro 2020 on Tuesday, June 15, 2020. The Group F match which is against Germany is scheduled to take place at Allianz Arena in Munich.


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