Kylian Mbappe ” I told PSG that I wanted to go to Madrid this summer… it’s not true that I waited until the end of transfer window to let them know”


Kylian Mbappe told the press that the PSG organization lied about his contract/transfer situation. He cliamed that the club’s statement that he waited until the end of the transfer window to tell the club that he would like to move was false. The 22 years old footballer was done with PSG, he was ready for a new challenge and Real Madrid was his choice.

Mbappe who’s contract will soon expire expressed his desire to no longer play alongside Neymar and Lionel Messi to PSG. Real Madrid is his preferred club and he was ready to move this summer. According to reports, Real Madrid offered PSG  €200m to pay for Mbappe’s transfer fee, however, PSG did not even respond to the bid. The club have said many times that Mbappe will stay, citing that the young star promised the club that he would not leave for free.

Mbappe is on the last year of his contract and it’s either he signs a new contract with PSG or he leaves for free to Real Madrid. In an effort to retain Mbappe at the club, PSG  offered €45M-a-year contract renewal to Mbappe, sadly, Mbappe rejected the offer. He would have been earning a ridiculous €865,384-per-week – or – if you break it down even further, €123,626 per

Speaking to RMC Sport to clarify the situation, Mbappe spoke for the first time about the events of the summer: “I asked to leave because from the moment I didn’t want to extend [my contract], I wanted the club to receive a transfer fee to bring in a quality replacement.

“It’s a club that’s given me a lot, I’ve always been happy during the four years I’ve been here and I still am. I said it early enough so that the club could react.

“I wanted everyone to come out of this stronger, that we leave hand in hand, to make a good deal, and I respected that. I said, if you don’t want me to leave, I will stay.

“People said that I had refused six or seven contract offers and that I no longer wanted to talk to Leonardo, but that’s absolutely not true. They told me, ‘Kylian now you talk with the president.’

When asked about Leonardo’s failure to complete a deal, Mbappe replied: “That’s not for me to judge, but my position was clear. I said that I wanted to leave and I said it quite early on.

“Personally, I did not appreciate the idea that, ‘Yes, he came in the final week of August,’ because that makes me sound like a thief. I said at the end of July I wanted to leave.”

Kylian Mbappé’s contract is expected to end in June 2022. The summer transfer window deadline is Aug. 31


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