Kyle Walker Buys Mansion Worth £2.5M For His Ex Lauryn Goodman

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Man City’s Kyle Walker has reportedly purchased a £2.5million seaside mansion for his ex girlfriend Lauryn Goodman and her two children.

Kyle Walker Buys Mansion Worth £2.5M For His Ex Lauryn Goodman

The property that was purchased by Kyle Walker is a luxury five-bedroom house and is situated in an exclusive area on the coast.

Recall we reported that Lauryn gave birth to a little girl last month but is yet to reveal the father of the child, but her friends believe he is a footballer.

Lauryn already shares a son with the Manchester CIty and England defender, a three-year-son son that is named Kairo.

The house that was bought by the former Tottenham player is a 4,000 sq ft detached four-floor home in East Sussex that has sea views.

A source close to the City defender claims that Lauryn Goodman was ecstatic with the new apartment that Kyle Walker, 33, got her.

Ex-Towie star Lauryn, 32, dated Kyle Walker briefly while he was on break with his wife Annie and got pregnant for the star in 2019.

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Walker was on break with his wife Annie, who bore him three older children, in 2019 when he met and dated Lauryn.

Recall we also reported that both women had a public display of disgust for each other earlier this year.

Speaking on the new apartment, the source said: “Kyle has spent so much on this house. It cost a fortune.”

“Lauryn is obviously pleased with what Kyle Walker has finally done”

Kyle Walker Buys Mansion Worth £2.5M For His Ex Lauryn Goodman

“Lauryn has been living with her mum for ages — with both kids cramped in one room — and it hasn’t been easy.”

“It is an amazing house, she is thrilled. It’s like something out of Footballers’ Wives. It’s massive.”

“Lauryn isn’t living there yet. First, she is spending an absolute fortune on doing it up exactly how she wants it.”

“She’s working with a fancy interior designer and plans on filling the huge garden and terrace with high-end furniture and a fire pit.”

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“She is splurging on bespoke curtains and blinds alone worth £40,000.”

The source also added in regards to Kyle Walker, saying: “Lauryn says she is single. She won’t even say who the dad of her daughter is.”

“Her friends think it is a footballer and they have asked her outright but she just won’t tell anybody and refuses to say who it is, saying only that it will be known when the time is right.”

“The baby is adorable and Lauryn is loving every second of being a mum again. She says it is so much easier the second time around.”

“The baby has a huge amount of hair, a full head just like Kairo had when he was born. But Lauryn still hasn’t said what she is called.”

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Who is Lauryn Goodman?

Lauryn Goodman shot to fame when her kid sister Chloe became a reality star. However, since then, she has carved a career for herself as an Instagram influencer.

Lauryn was born on January 18, 1991, and she is a model and clothing brand owner, she also runs her own fashion brand called Nineteen Clothing.

Lauryn is an Instagram model, who keeps fans up-to-date with her busy life on her handle @lauryngoodman91.

What Happened Between Lauryn Goodman And Kyle Walker?

Lauryn Goodman came into the picture after Kyle Walker and his childhood sweetheart split from their marriage.

Kyle Walker Buys Mansion Worth £2.5M For His Ex Lauryn Goodman

Both Kyle and Annie had been in a relationship since 2010 as the couple met when they were in high school.

However, the couple split in 2019 after reality star Laura Brown revealed that she had romped with Kyle in his £200,000 Bentley.

Walker subsequently moved out of their £3.5million family home in Cheshire and grew close to Lauryn Goodman.

This resulted to pregnancy for Lauren and she birthed her and Walker’s son Kairo – who was born in April 2020.

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