Kizz Daniel Speaks On His Arrest In Ivory Coast, Shares Details Of His Deals With CAF


    Kizz Daniel has dismissed rumors of his arrest in Ivory Coast for refusing to perform at a CAF event.

    The unverified report alleged that he had breached his contract and was detained by the Confederation of African Football.

    Kizz Daniel
    Kizz Daniel shares details of his deal with CAF

    However, the 29-year-old Nigerian artist took to his Instagram to set the record straight, labeling the report as false and deceptive, and urging the public to ignore it.

    Kizz Daniel shares details of his deal with CAF

    Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, a well-known Nigerian musician popularly known as Kizz Daniel dismissed the circulating reports stating that he was arrested in Côte d’Ivoire for accepting payment but failing to perform at an event.

    The musician proceeded to provide a thorough explanation of his agreement with CAF.

    The Nigerian singer, who had encountered a similar problem in Tanzania last year, explained that even though his agent signed a contract containing a clause stating “no money, no performance” with the client, he still traveled to perform without receiving payment.

    Kizz Daniel revealed this in a statement posted on his Instagram page and mentioned that the show’s organizers made excuses about a delay in the bank transfer.

    Kizz Daniel dismissed rumors of his arrest in Ivory Coast

    However, upon arriving in the West African country, he did not receive his performance fee, and his team was attacked backstage, which ultimately caused him to cancel the performance.

    He wrote on his Instagram page on Saturday, October 14, appealing to the public to disprove the rumor, emphasizing that it was false.

    He said: “This might definitely get a lot of people in trouble but damn, enough is enough. CAF didn’t deal with us directly it was through an agent.”

    “The agent signed my contract which states “No money no performance. I agreed to fly in regardless, after many appeals and of cuz excuses for bank transfer delay with the promise of receiving the money upon arrival in Abidjan.”

    The ‘Buga’ crooner revealed no payment was made for the alleged amount mentioned but he still chose to support CAF and performed at the venue without payment.

    He wrote: “Till now no payment for the alleged amount mentioned still chose to support CAF and went ahead to the venue to perform without payment, but unfortunately, my 3-minute performance slot was up.”

    Kizz, who denied receiving payment from the organizers of the event, also claimed his crew was assaulted backstage.

    He added: “My team was assaulted backstage and decided to take my leave am not arrested by CAF OR DETAINED WHATSOEVER. I’m FINE AND HEADING TO LONDON FOR MY SHOW NOV 12, OVO ARENA, WEMBLEY.”

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