Khaby Lame Helps Pitch Invader Get His Shirt Signed By Ronaldinho


Khaby Lame showed his class after he helped a pitch invader fulfil his dream of having a shirt signed by legend Ronaldinho.

Khaby Lame Helps Pitch Invader Get His Shirt Signed By Ronaldinho

Lame, who is the most followed influencer on Tiktok, featured in Ronaldinho’s team in ‘The Beautiful Game’ charity football match in Orlando.

Khaby Lame boast of over 160 Million followers on TikTok and still growing.

Ronaldinho captained one side, while the rivals, who wore Blue, were captained by Roberto Carlos in a match that was filled with Brazilian legends.

The match included other celebrities as well and cases of pitch invasions were recorded in the exhibition game.

Ronaldinho, 43, saw a young man run up to him in a desperate attempt to get his shirt signed by the legend, but was intercepted halfway.

The young man desperately threw his shirt Ronaldinho’s way as stewards took him off the pitch but it seemed like a wasted effort.

In the video shared by Futballnews on Twitter, Khaby Lame came to the rescue as he took it upon himself to personally ask Ronaldinho to sign the shirt.

After then, the renowned Tiktoker sprinted towards the young fan who was almost at the tunnel to give him the signed shirt.

The young lad was more than stunned by the Tiktoker’s actions, and he celebrated vigorously once he noted he finally had Gaucho’s signature on his shirt.

Khaby Gets Smacked By Ronaldinho’s Pass

Khaby Lame had the ball blasted in his face from a Ronaldinho pass during the charity match on Saturday, 24th June, 2023.

Despite Ronaldinho’s team winning the game 4-3, there was enough time for Lame to capture the game’s most memorable moment.

Khaby Lame made an unmarked run towards the opposing penalty box, which Ronaldinho saw in no time.

The Brazilian legend attempted to target the Senegalese-born sensation, but he lost control of the ball before it whacked him in the face.

Who is Khaby Lame?

Khaby Lame is an Italian-born Senegalese content creator. He became a social media sensation thanks to his TikTok and Instagram profiles.

Millions of people have seen his comic sketches on social media, making him a household name.

A plant in the northern Italian industrial town of Chivasso laid off Khaby Lame in 2020 during the early stages of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Although the epidemic had an immediate effect on Khaby Lame’s life, during that time he began to pursue his interest.

Khaby Lame set up shop on TikTok, a video-sharing social media network that has seen explosive growth in recent months, and began posting regularly. Snarkily mocking “life hack” videos on the TikTok app, Khaby Lame rapidly established himself as an internet sensation.

It’s not uncommon for him to look up videos on the internet of people drinking from the inside of fruit, like a kiwi, before going to the grocery store to get a regular glass of water. Then, he points to the glass as if to say, ‘Was that so hard?’.

To put it simply, these films are hilarious, but they also have a universal appeal because of their lack of words or dialogue, which makes them easy to understand around the world.


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