Kasia Lenhardt dies a week after breaking up with Jerome Boateng of Bayern Munich

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Kasia Lenhardt, an ex-girlfriend of Bayern Munich center-back, Jerome Boateng, was found dead in Berlin, Germany, a week after her relationship with the German international broke down.

Kasia Lenhardt and Jerome Boateng seemed to be having the best of time before the Bayern Munich star came public to announce that his relationship with the 25-year-old Polish-born German model has ended.

Lenhardt who reportedly tattooed ‘Jerome’ on her body found it difficult to cope with the breakdown of her relationship with the footballer. According to her friends who did not want to be named, the 25-year-old model struggled to cope with the war of words between her and Boateng especially after the relationship.

Hence, on Tuesday, February 9, the day Kasia Lenhardt’s 6-year-old son, Noah, celebrated her 6th birthday, the late-model became hard to reach until it was discovered that she had died in a luxurious apartment in Berlin. Reports claimed that the apartment is owned by Jerome Boateng.

Sources said her family called the police when they couldn’t reach out to her. When the police intervened, they discovered that she was dead in what looked like a suicide.

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“Yesterday (Tuesday) at around 8:30 pm there was a police operation in Charlottenburg on suspicion of suicide,” Berlin police said in a statement to Bild. “There are no indications of third-party negligence.”

Lenhardt’s last post on her Instagram page was related to her breakup with the German football star. She wrote: “Now is where you draw the line. Enough.”

How Jerome Boateng reacted to the death of Kasia Lenhardt

Late Kasia Lenhardt.
Late Kasia Lenhardt.

The news of the death of Kasia Lenhardt gained prominence on Wednesday when it was announced that Jerome Boateng has left the camp of Bayern Munich in Qatar.

The 32-year-old German defender was with Bayern Munich in the ongoing FIFA Club World Cup. He was expected to play for Bayern Munich in the final of the competition later today, February 11 but had to excuse himself from the team.

This means that the Germany international will not feature in Bayern Munich’s Club World Cup final match against the Mexican side, Tigres on Thursday.

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“Jerome came to my room and asked if he could go home. He will not be available to us until further notice”, the coach of Bayern Munich Hansi Flick said on Wednesday.

Jerome Boateng has returned to Germany over the death of Kasia Lenhardt and he was yet to make any public statement as of the time of publishing this report.

What we know about Kasia Lenhardt’s relationship with Jerome Boateng

Late Kasia Lenhardt and Jerome Boateng.
Late Kasia Lenhardt and Jerome Boateng.

Before Kasia Lenhardt met Jerome Boateng, she was already popular in the entertainment circle in Germany. The 25-year-old Polish-born German model contested for Next Top Model” in 2012.

She and Boateng have been in a serious relationship for over 14 months. The romance ended in the first week of February and the breakup was first announced by Boateng.

Before Boateng broke up with Kasia Lenhardt, she had an accident with a car that belonged to the Bayern’s star in January 2021. Though she sustained minor injuries, the car was said to be badly damaged.

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After the breakup, Boateng revealed that Kasia Lenhardt who had a son Noah from a previous relationship came into his life through blackmail. The football star alleged that the German model destroyed his former relationship with Rebecca, the mother of his son.

He said: “Kasia became my girlfriend by destroying the relationship with my ex-girlfriend Rebecca and my family and blackmailed me.

“So I decided to stay with Kasia and try to make it work.”

While Rebecca, Boateng’s ex-girlfriend was quoted as saying: “Kasia destroyed my family for her own benefit.

“I’m not going to let her destroy Jerome too. I’m not going to let her play the victim. She’s done enough damage.”

On the other, late Kasia Lenhardt claimed that her relationship with Boateng ended due to the footballer’s “lies and constant infidelity”.

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