Karim Benzema Tops Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi In Highest-Rated FIFA 23 Players

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Karim Benzema tops Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel for the first time since FIFA 10 as EA Sports confirm the 23 highest-rated players in FIFA 23.

Karim Benzema Tops Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi In Highest-Rated FIFA 23 Players

Five players shared the top rank this year, according to EA Sports’ confirmation of the 23 players with the best ratings in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

The 23 highest-rated players in FUT 23 have been made public, signaling the formal start of the FIFA 23 rating rollout. One Premier League player has been verified as the joint highest-rated player, sharing top rank with four other players. The Premier League leads the list with 11 of the 23 players now playing in England.

Neither Lionel Messi nor Cristiano Ronaldo is the sole holder of the top slot for the first time in more than ten years, with Messi falling from 93 to 91 overall and Ronaldo falling to 90 overall, his lowest rating since FIFA 11.

With four of their stars included, Paris Saint-Germain has the most individual players in the top 23 list, followed by Manchester City, Bayern Munich, and Liverpool with three each. The global launch of FIFA 23 is scheduled for Friday, September 30, 2022.

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FIFA 23 Ratings – The 23 highest-rated players confirmed

On FIFA 23, Kevin De Bruyne of Man City, Messi and Mbappe of PSG, Robert Lewandowski of Barcelona, and Karim Benzema of Real Madrid are all rated 91 overall, making them the game’s co-highest-ranked players.

De Bruyne and Mbappe received 91 ratings, Benzema received two more overall ratings than Messi, who received two fewer, and Lewandowski received a startling decrease from 92 to 91 overall.

Below are the 23 highest-rated players:

  1. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) – 91 rated
  2. Robert Lewandowski (Barcelona) – 91 rated
  3. Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain) – 91 rated
  4. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) – 91 rated
  5. Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain) – 91 rated
  6. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – 90 rated
  7. Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool) – 90 rated
  8. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – 90 rated
  9. Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid) – 90 rated
  10. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich) – 90 rated
  11. Neymar Jr (Paris Saint-Germain) – 89 rated
  12. Heung-Min Son (Tottenham Hotspur) – 89 rated
  13. Sadio Mane (Bayern Munich) – 89 rated
  14. Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich) – 89 rated
  15. Casemiro (Manchester United) – 89 rated
  16. Alisson (Liverpool) – 89 rated
  17. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur) – 89 rated
  18. Ederson (Manchester City) – 89 rated
  19. N’Golo Kante (Chelsea) – 89 rated
  20. Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid) – 89 rated
  21. Erling Haaland (Manchester City) – 88 rated
  22. Toni Kroos (Real Madrid) – 88 rated
  23. Marquinhos (Paris-Saint Germain) – 88 rated
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Alisson and former Liverpool striker Sadio Mane stay at 89, but Liverpool duo Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk moved up from 89 to 90. Ronaldo dropped to 90th overall and is joined in the top 23 by Casemiro, another star from Manchester United. The remaining players from the Premier League are Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son of Tottenham, N’Golo Kante of Chelsea, and Ederson and Erling Haaland of Manchester City.

How are ratings for FIFA 23 determined?

The six primary factors—speed, shooting, passing, defending, dribbling, and physicality—appear with the overall score. Each player receives a score for each of these factors, which are used to determine a player’s total rating out of 100.

Who is the highest-rated FIFA player ever?

Despite fully dominating the game of football for the past 15 years, neither Lionel Messi nor Cristiano Ronaldo is included in the FIFA gaming franchise’s best XI of players.

Karim Benzema Tops Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi In Highest-Rated FIFA 23 Players

Sadly, Messi and Ronaldo’s top ratings of 94 do not qualify them for inclusion in Ultimate Team.

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Here’s a list of players to have rated highest on FIFA ever:

  • Gianluigi Buffon, 97 – FIFA 05
  • Lilian Thuram, 92 – FIFA 05
  • Alessandro Nesta, 94 – FIFA 05
  • Fernando Hierro, 94 – FIFA 02
  • Roberto Carlos, 94 – FIFA 05
  • Luis Figo, 97 – FIFA 02
  • Matteo Brighi, 97 – FIFA 03
  • Zinedine Zidane, 96 – FIFA 05
  • Ronaldinho, 95 – FIFA 06
  • Ronaldo, 98 – FIFA 04
  • Thierry Henry, 97 – FIFA 05
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