Juventus Sends Freiburg Home After A 2-0 Win

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Juventus sends SC Freiburg home after the German team fell 0-2 to visiting Old Ladies at the Europa Park Stadion on Thursday night.

Juventus Sends Freiburg Home After A 2-0 Win

The team led by Christian Streich was unable to recover from Manuel Gulde’s early dismissal, which left them completely destroyed by the end of the first half.

An Italian opponent has eliminated a German participant from European club competition for the second straight evening.

Breisgauer, led by Christian Streich, had their work cut out for them after losing 0-1 to Juventus the previous week.

They were unable to overcome a red card for defender Manuel Gulde in the first half and a successful penalty in the second leg.

The Serie A powerhouses won 2-0 on Thursday at the Europa Park Stadion to go 3-0 overall to the UEL quarterfinals.

The German hosts got off to a strong start and almost missed an opportunity to grab the lead in the fifth minute.

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When Doan could have lifted the ball past the woefully off-line Wojciech Szczesny of Juve, he instead fired a shot wide.

The obvious underdogs, though, found it tough to maintain the early attacking flare.

As the first half went on, their Italian visitors gradually regained greater control of the game.

In the 22nd minute, Freiburg was able to create another opportunity against the flow of play.

Five minutes later, when Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic converted a free kick in the 27th minute, the Italian “Old Lady” believed they had taken a deserved lead.

Nevertheless, following a VAR review, the goal was disallowed because Vlahovic was in an offside position before scoring.

Juventus Sends Freiburg Home After A 2-0 Win

The Serie A powerhouses under Massimilano Allegri were still able to advance with assurance, as if they had already scored the first goal.

As the first half came to a close, Stretch’s troops discovered that they were constantly being attacked.

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Just before halftime, the visitors did succeed in taking the lead.

After Gulde was found to have handled the ball in the box in the 43rd minute, the Breisgauer suffered a double catastrophe.

Gulde was dismissed after previously receiving a warning from referee Serdar Gözübüyük earlier in the half.

With the help of Vlahovic’s penalty kick, Juventus was able to defeat their undermanned German opponents 2-0 on the overall score.

Even more unexpectedly, Streich retained Grifo on hand for the restart. Instead of Eggestein, a young man named Kenneth Schmidt made his professional debut.

In the second 45, the southern Badeners got out to a fast start.

Even Gregoritsch contributed a risky free-kick in the 49th minute from a distance of roughly 23 meters that didn’t miss by much.

Freiburg seemed to be the team that was most aggressive. Of course, Juventus were happy to stay quiet and play things safe.

Manuel Locatelli’s backpass appeared to be handled by goalkeeper Szczesny.

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Prior to the pass, referee Gözübüyük decided that Gregoritsch had committed an offensive foul.

Juventus Sends Freiburg Home After A 2-0 Win

Grifo and Roland Sallai were finally introduced in the 62nd minute.

The international player from Italy didn’t have much to offer on a couple of free-kick chances.

The actual game dragged on to its predetermined conclusion at a half-pace.

Players from neither team appeared willing to take a chance on harm.

Five minutes into additional time, Juve substitute Frederico Chiesa scored the game-winning goal after SCF goalkeeper Mark Flekken had worked hard to prevent an earlier crucial goal for the Italians.

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