Jurgen Klopp vows to take Liverpool to next season’s UCL final as he urges football fans to “book the hotel” after a 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid


    The manager of Liverpool football club Jurgen Klopp has insisted that his team would return to the UEFA Champions League final next season after losing this season’s final to Real Madrid on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

    On the said date, Jurgen Klopp led Liverpool to Stade de France in Paris to play the 2021-2022 UEFA Champions League final against Spanish giants Real Madrid.

    Unfortunately, a 59th-minute goal from Vinicius Junior was enough to give Real Madrid the Champions League title for the second time in four years.

    The last time Madrid won the title was in 2018 against Liverpool. A year later, Jurgen Klopp led the Premier League club to another final which they won.

    Three seasons later, Liverpool and Real Madrid met again. The English club tried to revenge against the Spanish club but the reverse was the case.

    After the tense game, Jurgen Klopp told reporters that football fans should go ahead and “book the hotel” in Istanbul (the venue of the next final) to watch the Premier League club in the final next season.

    The German tactician who has been coaching Liverpool since 2015 stressed that he has a strong feeling that his team would reach the Champions League final in the 2022-2023 season.

    “It’s not bad to get to the final – it’s kind of a success although not the success you want to have,” Jurgen Klopp told BT Sport on Saturday.

    “I have a strong feeling we will come again. The boys are really competitive and are an outstanding group – they will be that again next season. And we go again. Where’s it next season? Istanbul? Book the hotel!”

    Jurgen Klopp will still lead Liverpool on a victory parade

    Jurgen Klopp and Sadio Mane of Liverpool.
    Jurgen Klopp and Sadio Mane of Liverpool.

    Initially, Liverpool looked like they would end the 2021-2022 season with four titles after winning the FA Cup and the EFL Cup in the last two months.

    They fought for the Premier League title until the very last day of the campaign but lost the title to Manchester City with just a point difference.

    After losing the Champions League final to Real Madrid, Jurgen Klopp said the mode in the dressing room made “it feel like not a great season at this moment”.

    “We played a good, not a perfect game”, coach Klopp added. “A perfect game wouldn’t have been possible with how the opponent set up with the deep formation, counter-attacks, and long balls – that was tricky. Like the disallowed goal in the first half was a long ball that we couldn’t defend in the first place. We had a lot of shots but not the clearest – only three forced (Thibaut) Courtois into top saves.

    “We conceded a goal from a throw-in. (Federico) Valverde wanted to shoot, Vinicius was there and that’s it.

    “The boys tried everything, especially at 1-0 down then we played like we wanted to play before. We had our midfielders too deep. It’s a threat they are with counter-attacks. We wanted to be braver in the second half. That’s what we said at half-time. We played around them. We should have played more in the formation than around them.”

    Despite losing the Champions League final to Real Madrid and the Premier League title to Manchester City, Liverpool will head out on a victory parade around the city of Liverpool to celebrate their EFL and FA Cup triumph with the club’s fans.

    “And tomorrow (Sunday, May 29), we will celebrate the season,” Klopp affirmed.

    “It’s good that we don’t have to do that now immediately. But after a night’s sleep and maybe another talk or speech from me, the boys will realize how special it was what they did. Even if nobody on this planet would understand that we have a parade tomorrow, we still will do it and I really hope that everybody who has the chance to get to Liverpool is there tomorrow and celebrates together with us a fantastic season which we all had together. It didn’t end as we wanted but yeah, that’s facts.

    “But, as I said, the club is in a good moment, we will go again.”


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