Jurgen Klopp ” It will be a crime to rest Mohamed Salah “

  • Mo Salah overtakes Didier Drogba to become the highest-scoring African player in the Premier League
  • Mohamed Salah is the first away player to score a hat-trick at Old Trafford for over 18 years, since Ronaldo did so for Real Madrid back in April 2003 in the Champions League.
  • Mo Salah has 20 goal contributions in 12 games this season

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was asked if he would consider resting Mohamed Salah who is the best footballer player in the world right now when Liverpool faces Brighton. He said know ‘no’ and called it a crime to not play Salah.

Brighton is expected to be an easy challenge for Liverpool and the media though Mohamed Salah won’t be needed in that game. When asked if Jurgen Klopp will rest Salah, he responded and said “It will be a crime to do such”.

Jurgen Klopp replied: “So, forget pretty much the first part of your question completely, please! To rest players against Brighton? That would be a crime!

“Brighton are much too good. They had a brilliant start, yes maybe the results recently not so much, but it is a real special game in the league.

“If you didn’t watch the game back, watch the [Manchester] City game again and you will understand what I am talking about.”

On Salah specifically, he added: “Yes, Mo wants to play every minute. He never did yet, but he wants to!

“They all want to play every game. And when I leave them out, it is never the game they want to be rested in. That’s how it is.”

With that said, Mohamed Salah who is a hot scorer right now will play tomorrow and he may find the back of the net a couple of times against the Brighton team.

All football fantasy players should consider starting Mohamed Salah tomorrow and maybe they should captain him.


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