Jurgen Klopp fires back at Pep Guardiola on comments that everyone is ‘supporting’ Liverpool


    Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, says he disagrees with Pep Guardiola’s assertion that “everyone” wants Liverpool to win the Premier League.

    Jurgen Klopp fires back at Pep Guardiola on comments that everyone is 'supporting' Liverpool

    After his team’s win over Newcastle on Sunday, Guardiola stated that the media and the rest of the country “love Liverpool.”

    However, Klopp believes Guardiola was “affected” by game emotions.

    “I’m not sure if the country is behind us. It’s not the same emotion I get when we visit other areas; in fact, it’s the polar opposite” Jurgen Klopp stated.

    “My home is in Liverpool. Certainly, many people here want us to win the league. Even so, it’s probably only 50 %”

    After Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Antonio Conte’s side, Klopp commented on his analysis of Tottenham, a result that saw Liverpool fall three points behind City in the Premier League championship chase by the conclusion of the weekend.

    He explained that his remarks were an example of how emotions may impact what a manager says after a game.

    “I had this experience lately as a manager, and we are certainly impacted by the game, the circumstances,” Klopp added.

    “I’ve made statements. Would I repeat it? No. Tottenham plays as they do, yet they are still in fifth place. It felt fantastic at the time, but it was most likely incorrect.

    Jurgen Klopp fires back at Pep Guardiola on comments that everyone is 'supporting' Liverpool

    “I’m not sure what Pep’s position was. It’s challenging enough to be eliminated from the Champions League. Liverpool, on the other hand, advanced to the final. You speak exactly what you mean.”

    Klopp hinted that forward Roberto Firmino may return from injury for Tuesday’s vital trip to Aston Villa.

    With three games remaining, Klopp was asked if his team had fallen too far behind in the title chase “It is apparent that the battle is far from finished. We have three games left, and my main concern is how we will win our three games, as I have no control over how City will win theirs.

    “That’s what we do, we don’t stop believing.”

    What was Pep’s take on Liverpool?

    Pep Guardiola claims that the entire country wants Liverpool to win the Premier League over Manchester City, and he vows to continue upsetting the English football status quo.

    Guardiola led City to a 5-0 victory over Newcastle, putting them three points clear at the top of the table with three games remaining. City now has a better goal difference than Liverpool, as well as an advantage in the ‘goals scored’ column, should the title come down to those parameters.

    But it was Guardiola’s remark about Liverpool’s overwhelming support that is certain to dominate the post-match discussion, as he dug down on his allegation that no one wants City to win the title.


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