Jurgen Klopp feels sorry for coach Thomas Tuchel of Chelsea but supports’ UK’s decision to sanction Roman Abramovic

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The manager of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp has admitted that he feels for the coach of Chelsea football club, Thomas Tuchel over the ongoing crisis at the London-based club. He, however, added that he does not have a problem with the sanction slammed on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic.

Futballnews has reported that the government of the United Kingdom has sanctioned the owner of Chelsea due to his ties with the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

Recall that on February 24, 2022, Russia’s President ordered the invasion of Ukraine. Since then, the Russian troops have continued to bombard the country killing Ukrainians and destroying their properties.

Since the western world can not interfere directly against Russia, the countries that are in support of Ukraine, especially the United Kingdom have been sanctioning Russian billionaires operating outside Russia.

Unfortunately for Chelsea, Roman Abramovic happens to be a Russian billionaire who happens to have close ties with Putin. Hence, the UK government had to freeze all his businesses in the UK.

But Chelsea was allowed to continue to operate under a special license but the club is not allowed to sign new players, sell match tickets, and sell kits until further notice.

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Some of their sponsors, including “Three”, are reportedly pulling out of the club which is making things a bit harder for the club.

Coach Jurgen Klopp said: “Thomas and I know each other but we are not that close that we chat. Around the games, yes, but not in other moments.

“Of course, I feel for him and the players and all the employees at Chelsea because it’s obviously not a (nice) situation.

“It’s nothing they are responsible for, what happens around. There is one man who is really responsible and that’s Vladimir Putin.”

Jurgen Klopp will lead the Liverpool football club to Brighton later today, March 12, 2022. The Premier League game will kick off at 13:30. Liverpool are condemned to win the game to continue their push to win this season’s Premier League title over first-placed Manchester City.

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Liverpool are currently occupying second place with 64 points in 27 games, 6 points away from first-placed Manchester City.

Thomas Tuchel admits it is difficult to focus on football amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Jurgen Klopp feels sorry for coach Thomas Tuchel of Chelsea but supports' UK's decision to sanction Roman
Coach Thomas Tuchel of Chelsea.

Even though Chelsea have been in the spotlight since Russia invaded Ukraine, the club has continued to play week in and week out. They have not lost a game since February 27 when Liverpool defeated them in the final of the EFL via penalties.

On March 10, 2022, Chelsea defeated Norwich City 1-3 in a Premier League game hours after the UK government froze Roman Abramovic’s assets in the UK.

Ahead of Chelsea’s next league game which is against Newcastle United scheduled to take place on Sunday at 15:00, coach Thomas Tuchel told Sky Sports that the war in Ukraine is making things difficult.

“Maybe it has never been more true to live in the moment because everything else seems very, very difficult,” the German coach said.

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“To understand the situation feels very difficult, to see where it is going is maybe impossible. So in the end we stick to the mantra to live in the moment and worship where we are.

“It is not easy, but it is out of our control. Sometimes it makes things more difficult, but sometimes more easy to accept we cannot do anything at the moment, to wait and to constantly adapt.”

Chelsea are currently sitting in the third spot on the league table with 56 points in 27 games. They are also looking into qualifying for the quarter-final stage of this season’s UEFA Champions League campaign.

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