Juliette Pastore is the girlfriend of Sandro Tonali of AC Milan


    AC Milan defensive midfielder, Sandro Tonali is the boyfriend of the stunning Juliette Pastore. Though they are both in their early 20s, their love affair has grown so deep to break at the moment.

    Who is Sandro Tonali?

    Who is Sandro Tonali?
    Sandro Tonali.

    Sandro Tonali was born in Italy on May 8, 2000. The 21-year-old Italian footballer started his professional football career at Brescia on January 1, 2018.

    On July 8, 2021, his career received a big boost when AC Milan decided to offer him a permanent contract after spending one season on loan at the club. Milan spent €6.90 million to bring Sandro Tonali from Brescia to the club.

    So far in the 2021-2022 season, Tonali has made 42 appearances in all competitions in which the 21-year-old defensive midfielder scored 3 goals and provided 3 assists.

    On October 15, 2019, Sandro Tonali made his international debut for Italy national team. Since then, the defensive midfielder has made 8 appearances.

    Based on the contract he signed with AC Milan in 2021, Sandro Tonali earns 1.3 Million Pound per year, which means that he gets £23,411 per week.

    Who is the girlfriend of Sandro Tonali?

    Sandro Tonali and Juliette Pastore.
    Sandro Tonali and Juliette Pastore.

    Sandro Tonali has been dating Juliette Pastore since 2019 when he was still contracted to Brescia. Since then, their relationship has continued to wax stronger.

    Who is Juliette Pastore?

    Who is Juliette Pastore?
    Juliette Pastore.

    Juliette Pastore was born in Italy on March 24, 2000, which means that she is currently 22-year-old. Based on her date of birth, Sandro Tonali is two months younger than the Italian damsel which is not a problem in their love affair.

    Juliette got her basic education in Italy and also went as far as completing her high school education. However, it is not clear whether she had any tertiary education.

    The Italian model was born into the family of Francesco Pastore (father) and Chicca Baians (mother). They nurtured her in France and gave her the support she needed to fly.

    It might interest you to note that Juliette Pastore has a younger brother, Filippo Pastore. It might also interest you to note that Juliette and her mother are business partners. They both own a clothing line and make deliveries across the world. The name of the clothing line is Juliette24.

    Aside from owning a clothing line, she also owns a personal blog which she uses to promote her brands. She is into the modeling business too as she had served as a magazine cover recently.

    Juliette has a fair presence on social media, especially on Instagram. Currently, she has 36.6 thousand followers on the platform.

    What is the net worth of Juliette Pastore?

    What is the net worth of Juliette Pastore?

    Juliette Pastore is into many businesses but it is not clear yet how much she is earning from those businesses. Hence, her net worth can not be estimated.

    On the other hand, her boyfriend, Sandro Tonali is earning €1.2 Million per year which is a fair deal for the 21-year-old defensive midfielder. Tonali’s net worth is around $1.8 million.

    It might interest you to note that Juliette Pastore is 1.67 meters tall and weighs 55kg. Her hair is blonde and she has stunning brown eyes which are perfect for Tonali.

    Note that Juliette Pastore and Sandro Tonali are yet to become parents at the time of publishing this report.


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