Catherine Harding and his love affair with Jorginho of Chelsea


    Chelsea’s midfielder Jorginho took to his Instagram page recently to share a picture of himself and his lover, Catherine Harding having a romantic time together.

    In the picture, Jorginho posed next to Catherine Harding at a fancy location and dressed like they were both on a hot date.

    Catherine Harding and his love affair with Jorginho of Chelsea
    Catherine Harding and her lover Jorginho.

    To confirm that the picture was taken when they were on a date, the Chelsea midfielder captioned it with: “night out with her”.

    Jorginho’s Relationship with Catherine Harding

    Catherine Harding and her lover Jorginho.
    Catherine Harding and her lover Jorginho.

    Catherine Harding and Jorginho were rumored to have started dating in 2019 while Jorginho was still married to an Italian model Natalia Leteri.

    Despite that, the footballer and the British singer became excessively fond of each other while they were pursuing their careers.

    When the love between the two superstars was uncontrollable, Jorginho decided to end his marriage with Natalia Leteri in 2020.

    Although they are not yet married, the Italian midfielder and the British singer announced they had given birth to a boy in 2020.

    Do Catherine Harding and Jorginho have children together

    Do Catherine Harding and Jorginho have children together
    Catherine Harding, Jorginho and their kids.

    Catherine Harding and Jorginho have a child together named Jax Frello. The boy was born in the United Kingdom in September 2020.

    Jax Frello happens to be Jorginho’s only child with the 31-year-old British singer, but Catherine Harding is a mother to two children.

    The singer gave birth to her first child, a daughter, in 2015. Her name is Ada Law. During that period, Catherine was dating a 49-year-old British actor known as Jude Law.

    Years after the relationship crashed, Catherine started dating Chelsea midfielder Jorginho and the relationship produced Jax Frello in 2020.

    Though Catherine and Jorginho are yet to officially walk down the aisle, the celebrity lovers share the same mansion in London, with their children.

    Note that before the Italian footballer started dating the British singer, he was married to Natalia Leteri. Before the marriage crashed, Jorginho and his ex-wife had welcomed two lovely children, a boy named Vitor and a girl named Alicia. It is believed that the children are with their mother in Italy.

    Who is Catherine Harding?

    Catherine Harding is a British Singer, Reality TV show Star, Songwriter, and social media personality originally from London Borough of Enfield, United Kingdom.

    The English singer was born on July 25, 1990, in London Borough of Enfield, United Kingdom.

    Catherine started her education in Poland before she dived into the music industry due to her unquenchable passion for singing.

    She got into many competitions and performed brilliantly. This made her fame increase significantly.

    However, Catherine Harding’s major breakout was when she appeared on the “Voice”, a renowned competition for singers across the world.

    Her net worth is currently unknown, as the singer has decided to keep her life and that of her family private.

    Considering her flamboyant lifestyle, it can be said that the singer is quite rich, as she often flaunts pictures of herself in very expensive fashion brands.

    Her Instagram page seems to be her major social media base. She had a very good number of followers even before she met Jorginho, but since announcing their relationship, her followers have increased significantly.

    Facts about Catherine Harding

    Facts about Catherine Harding

    Birthday – July 25, 1990

    Place of Birth – London Borough of Enfield, United Kingdom

    Nationality – English  

    Place of Residency – England 

    Partner – Jorginho 

    Profession – Singer 

    Instagram handle – @cat_cavelli_

    Height   – 5’4” (165 cm)

    Weight – 59 kg

    Tattoos  –   No 

    Smoking  –  N.A

    Sister / Brother – N.A

    Father & Mother – N.A

    Religion – N.A

    Hair Colour – Brown 

    Eye Colour – Dark 

    Net Worth (approx.) – N.A

    What we know about the career of Jorginho

    Chelsea midfielder Jorginho.
    Chelsea midfielder Jorginho.

    Jorginho started his football career in Verona and then moved to Napoli on 18 January 2014.

    While playing in a deep midfield role, Jorginho developed immensely, especially under Maurizio Sarri.

    In the 2017/2018 season, Jorginho was instrumental in Napoli mounting a serious challenge for the Serie A title.

    When Sarri left Napoli for Chelsea, he told the Chelsea board that he wanted to bring Jorginho to Chelsea.

    On July 14th, 2018, Chelsea completed the signing of Jorginho for a fee of £50 with add-ons of around £7.7m. He was given the number 5 shirt at the Premier League club.

    Since making his debut in the Premier League, Jorginho has scored 19 goals and has made 12 assists in 125 appearances for the Blues.

    He was also integral to Chelsea’s 2020/2021 Champions League winning campaign as well as winning the Euros 2020 in Italy, despite missing a penalty in the shootout against England.

    Last season, he won the Super Cup and Club World Cup title with Chelsea.


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