Jesse Lingard of Manchester United celebrates his daughter Hope’s 3rd birthday


    Manchester United attacking midfielder, Jesse Lingard took to his Instagram page on Friday, October 1, 2021, to share pictures and a video to mark the 3rd year birthday of his daughter Hope.

    In one of the pictures the 28-year-old England international shared to mark Hope’s birthday, Jesse Lingard could be seen carrying his daughter in his right hand while posing in a well-decorated room.

    Jesse Lingard carrying his 3-year-old daughter Hope.

    In another picture, Jesse Lingard could be seen sitting down on the edge of a bouncing castle while carrying Hope on his lap.

    While in another picture from the birthday celebration, Lingard could be seen posing with Hope with cake particles on their lips.

    Lingard posing with Hope with cake particles on their lips.

    On the table placed before them, two packs of cupcakes were available for the celebrant to have a good time with.

    In another picture, Jesse Lingard could be seen sitting on the floor while carrying Hope on his lap. This time around, the football star made Hope imitate his trademark J-L hand celebration gesture.

    While in the last slide of his Instagram post, Lingard and Hope could be seen in a short clip lying on the floor facing the ceiling. The football star ensured his birthday greeting to his daughter was captured before the clip ended.

    In the caption, Jesse Lingard wrote: “Happy 3rd birthday to my princess. Love you more than words can express”.

    Hope was born in 2018 by a 36-year-old fitness model Rebecca Halliday. Jesse Lingard is no longer dating the fitness model but he and the British lady are cooperating to raise the 3-year-old girl.

    Jesse Lingard and his trademark J-L hand celebration gesture

    Jesse Lingard doing the J-L hand celebration after scoring a goal for Manchester United.

    Talking about Jesse Lingard’s trademark J-L hand celebration gesture, the football star always does the gesture whenever he scores for his club or country.

    In an interview with ESPN, the English football star revealed that he first came up with the gesture in a room where he and his teammate, Marcus Rashford had to stay ahead of a game.

    “Before a match against West Brom away, I and Marcus were in the room the night before just thinking of what sort of hand celebrations we could do”, he said.

    “We were trying loads of things and I was trying to make a J and an L.

    “I said if I score, I’ll do it and obviously I scored that day and I did it but people were kind of like: ‘What’s he doing?’

    “No one really knew what it was about and then people got wind of it being a J and an L.”

    Just like how he taught his daughter how to make his trademark gesture, Jesse Lingard has also taught Manchester United returnee, Cristiano Ronaldo how to make the gesture.

    The 28-year-old English attacking midfielder shared pictures on his Instagram showing when he was teaching the 5 time Ballon d’Or winner how to make the gesture ahead of Manchester United 2-1 win over Villarreal.


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