Jamie Carragher Was Cristised By Football Agent For Living In A Glass House And Having No Education, Carragher Responds


    Jamie Carragher was criticised by a football agent for living in a glass house, spitting out of windows, and having no education, in a spectacular abuse.

    Jamie Carragher
    Jamie Carragher

    The legendary Jamie Carragher of Liverpool has come under blistering criticism from football agent Kia Joorabchian for being ignorant.

    The relationship between the agent and Everton owner Farhad Moshiri was questioned by Carragher, the Sky Sports pundit.

    Carragher asserted that Moshiri’s relationship with Joorabchian had led to issues and that the Toffees were the worst-run football club in England, following Frank Lampard’s dismissal on Monday (January 23) despite being 19th in the league.

    This year, Moshiri and the Everton board have faced a lot of criticism. Before Carragher delivered a harsh judgment on Joorabchian’s relationship with Moshiri and its impact on the Goodison Park team.

    To get back at the ex-footballer turned pundit, Joorabchian referred to an incident from 2018 in which Carragher spit on a car that was carrying a 14-year-old girl. He then defended the transfers that he had completed for the Toffees.

    Jamie Carragher

    Joorabchian continued to criticize Carragher’s function as a broadcaster and again denied that he had an unhealthy role at Everton, claiming that he had promoted a different candidate to Lampard before his hiring in January last year.

    The agent went as far as saying that he convinced Everton to hire Flamengo manager Vitor Pereira as their manager when they pursued Lampard as he persisted in objecting to Carragher’s Monday Night Football analysis.

    When asked if he had been busy with other clubs, the agent acknowledged that he had. He then listed several players he had recommended to Everton but who had been turned down by the team.

    On Monday, Carragher disclosed how he anticipated Joorabchian would contact him regarding his remarks.

    ‘I said on this programme six to twelve months ago Everton are the worst run club in the country, and it wasn’t a flippant remark – I believed it,’ the former Liverpool defender had claimed.

    After receiving criticism for his involvement at Everton, Kia Joorabchian accused Jamie Carragher of “having no education,” and Carragher retaliated by questioning the agent’s remarks.

    On Wednesday, Carragher responded to the agent’s criticism via his Twitter account, attacking Joorabchian in four different ways.

    Jamie Carragher
    Everton owner, Moshiri

    The veteran defender criticized his actions at Everton, Queen’s Park Rangers, and Arsenal before making fun of how he unintentionally aided Liverpool’s success after stating that the discussion had turned “personal.”

    “Kia, there’s no need to get personal; I’m merely analyzing your involvement in football teams,” Carragher wrote in a tweet. “Helping Everton fall to the bottom of the Premier League. Participated in QPR, which resulted in relegation. With your transfers, Arsenal rose to eighth place and is now in the first position in the EPL standing.”

    In a subsequent tweet, the former defender continued, “I should also thank you for your contribution in bringing (Philippe) Coutinho to Barcelona, Won the Premier League and Champions League, you are good for some football clubs.”

    Everton home ground

    Managerless Everton currently holds the 19th spot in the Premier League standings with just three victories in 20 games played. Because they have a better goal differential than Southampton, they are no longer at the bottom of the table.


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