Ivan Toney Cannot Believe He Could Receive A Six-Months Ban Over Betting Scandal


Ivan Toney, a striker for Brentford, confirmed that he is “shocked and disappointed” at reports that he may be given a six-month suspension for allegedly breaking FA betting rules.

Ivan Toney Cannot Believe He Could Receive A Six-Months Ban Over Betting Scandal

Toney has admitted guilty to many of the 262 counts brought against him by the FA last year, but has denied others and may now face a six-month suspension, according to reports.

Toney, though, expressed his disappointment about the leak of a private process to the media when no ban has been agreed upon in a post on his Instagram story.

He reportedly said: “I was shocked and disappointed to see press speculation yesterday and today about the FA investigation process concerning me after I have been told by the FA that it is a confidential process until any decision has been made.”

“It is especially disturbing for me to read that the FA is saying I shall be banned from football for six months before there has even been a hearing and it does make me worried about the process.”

“My lawyers will be writing to the FA to request that they conduct a leak inquiry, as this is the second time stories have appeared in the newspapers – the last time was just before the selection for the England World Cup squad.”

“As I continue to be told the investigation is meant to be confidential, I am unable to provide any further comment and shall continue to concentrate on my football.”

The 26-year-old was initially charged in November with 232 counts of alleged betting law violations, which allegedly occurred between February 2017 and January 2021. The following month, Toney was accused of 30 additional suspected violations of FA wagering regulations.

After reviewing his reply, the FA will set a hearing date. After that, a decision and subsequent punishment will be made by an Independent Regulatory Commission.

Based on the facts, the commission will decide whether to uphold or dismiss Toney’s defense. Then, before deciding on his penalty, they will look at all of the offenses collectively.

What Betting Rules Did Ivan Toney Breach?

The Brentford forward was struck with 232 violations of the FA’s gambling laws between 2017 and 2021 in November, and another 30 violations were added the following month.

Ivan Toney admitted before a disciplinary panel that he broke FA rules, but it’s believed that he’s fighting some of the allegations for offenses allegedly committed while he was at Scunthorpe, Wigan, Peterborough, and even Brentford.

Toney’s punishment has not yet been determined by the Independent Regulatory Commission, established by the FA, and a disciplinary hearing is still waiting. But, reports have claimed that the 26-year-old may be facing a six-month suspension from playing football.

What are the football betting rules?

All players, managers, coaches, club employees, directors, and licensed agents involved in the sport in the Premier League, EFL, National League, Women’s Super League, Women’s Championship, and the Northern, Southern, and Isthmian leagues are prohibited from betting on football on a global scale.

Any wagering on a football game or tournament that takes place anywhere in the world by participants who are subject to the ban is forbidden.

Betting on any other football-related events, such as player transfers, managerial hires, or team selection, is likewise prohibited.

It is also prohibited to give insider knowledge to someone who will use it to place a wager.

Inside knowledge is information that you are aware of because of your position in the game and that is not generally known, such as news about injuries or team lineups.

You may not utilize inside knowledge to make a wager or to direct another person to make a wager on your behalf. A same prohibition applies to giving someone else inside knowledge that they use to place a wager.


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