It will be nice to play for Barcelona, Dybala admits


    Juventus forward, Paulo Dybala has admitted that playing beside his fellow countryman, Lionel Messi at Barcelona.

    Speaking in an exclusive interview with CNN, the Argentine, who noted that it was joyful to be one of the very few to have played alongside the current world top two footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi, said the duo are the two greatest players on their generation.

    While describing Barcelona as a huge team, he said the team is even bigger with Messi, adding that it would be very nice tio play for the La Liga giant but Juventus is also an incredible club that is very big and full of history with great players on their roaster.

    Speaking about the line ups at the Turin club, Dybala said the quality of the squad is enough to make two teams, adding that the chance to play with veteran Gianluigi Buffon and Ronaldo make the club bigger as well.

    Dybala almost left Juventus last year; which was described to be absurd by pundits. He said he got frustrated because the club was not counting on him and he was lacking game time on the field. He was about to be sold before he changed his mind.

    The Argentine forward said he was contacted by some clubs which include Manchester United, PSG, and Tottenham. Discussions were held by his representative with the clubs while his intention was to stay and prove himself.

    While admitting that he hadn’t had a good year, Dybala felt he shouldn’t leave with that having had a lot of nice moments with the club. He explained that although Juventus intend to sell him, the transfer window closed and the arrival of Maurizio Sarri changed the team’s style of play and he is enjoying it.

    Dybala’s  Juventus future

    Speaking on his future, Dybala who has a one and half year deal left on his contract with the Turin giant said he still wants to remain with the club said it’s not easy for any party to discuss contract extension due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    He, therefore, said the decision to extend his deal will be mutually agreed upon by both parties. He also said he has a great relationship with the club’s president and they surely at some point talk about his contract.


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