In the 2005 FA Cup final, Manchester United icon Kevin Keane vowed to “smash” Fabregas. Read full details!


    Cesc Fabregas enraged Roy Keane by flying into the Manchester United legend during the 2005 FA Cup final. Fabregas assisted Arsenal in getting the best United in the Cardiff show-stopper, with Arsene Wenger’s side persuaded by punishment following a goalless draw following 120 minutes.

    Keane’s popular competition with Vieira was one of the greatest arguments heading into the last, and it was the last option who cleared home the triumphant spot-kick on the day. In any case, during the game, it was Fabregas who exasperated the United commander the most.

    The Spanish midfielder uncovered countryman and individual Barcelona foundation graduate Gerard Pique, playing for United at that point, and later let him know that Keane had taken steps to ‘crush’ him following a crunching first-half tackle.

    Watch the highlights:

    I handled Roy Keane truly hard and I felt far better about it since he was continuously giving me a difficult stretch, “Fabregas said. A couple of years after the fact, Gerard told me that at half-time Keane said, “That Spanish companion of yours, I will crush him. He killed me.”

    Fabregas lifted his most memorable FA Cup at the Millennium Stadium, which demonstrated his main prize as an Arsenal player.

    In the wake of spending an additional six years at the club, he got a fantasy to move back to Barcelona in 2011 and came out on top of the Spanish championship prior to making a beeline for England to finish the paperwork for Chelsea. Yet again, it was there where the previous Gunner got his hands on another FA Cup, proving to be the best in the 2018 final against United.

    During a 2020 visit, Fabregas also opened up about his FA Cup final fight with Keane, claiming he had not purposefully laid a weighty test on the Irishman. ‘It was 50/50 and I probably got him with my knee in his quad. I got him a tad, “he said.”

    At half-time, he went to Pique and began yelling at him since he realized we were companions. [There was] a touch of swearing. I can’t say the specific words, yet it was entertaining. In the wake of leaving Chelsea in January 2019, Fabregas moved to French club Monaco and has, up until this point, piled up 68 appearances.


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