“I want to play Real Madrid again in the finals” – Mohamed Salah

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Liverpool’s goal this season, according to Mohamed Salah, is to win against Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Paris. In recent weeks, Liverpool’s players and manager, Jurgen Klopp, have been quick to dismiss suggestions of such a feat.

Salah revealed this after Liverpool defeated Villarreal 5-2 on aggregate to reach their third Champions League final in five years. Not at the start of the season, perhaps. I always tell it like it is and concentrate on the Champions League and Premier League. But why not now? “

Salah also stated that after Liverpool defeated Manchester City 3-2 in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley in April, he began to believe that Liverpool may win four major trophies this season. Salah is aiming to escape Pep Guardiola’s side in the Champions League final in Paris, despite defeating City in the FA Cup.

On Wednesday, City will go to Spain with a 4-3 first-leg lead over Real Madrid. Salah stated, “I want to play Madrid.” “The city is a formidable opponent.”

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If Real defeats City, the UCL final this year will be a rematch of 2018 final. Salah, who was hurt in the first half of Real’s 3-1 win over Liverpool in Kyiv, does not have fond recollections of that encounter. Virgil van Dijk, a Liverpool center-back, does not appear to care who his team faces in the final, unlike Salah.

“Any squad we face in this competitions final will be a nightmare to play against,” the Dutchman remarked. We are familiar with the city, but they are also familiar with us. We’re all aware of how stressful those games can be. Real Madrid is Real Madrid-a huge club with an excellent striker [in Karim Benzema].”

If you listen to us and the management, it is evident that we don’t think about these things,” Van Dijk said of the quadruple. You can fantasize, but you must be realistic. Football is a game of razor-thin margins.”

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I always set goals at the start of the season. As an individual and as a group, I know what I want. That way, I’ll be aware of how my season is progressing, “he told BT about it. Rio Ferdinand then inquired as to whether his 30 goals and 15 assists were more or less than what he had set out to achieve.

“Oh below,” the 29-year-old joked, to the delight of the panelists, before adding, “Yeah.” I have high standards for myself. To be honest, I’ve never mentioned it before, but I’m shooting for 40 goals and 15 assists this season.

Right now, I need to concentrate on my objectives! Trent [Alexander-Arnold] will be furious that I have the most assists in the Premier League, but I’m going to give it my all. “

Imagine scoring 30 goals, guiding your team to the brink of history, only to be matched but never beaten, and then declaring that “now” is your objective. On May 28th, whether it’s City or Real in Paris, they’d better be cautious if Salah only has 39 goals.

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After Real Madrid (16), AC Milan (11), and Bayern Munich (11), Liverpool has become only the fourth team to reach ten European Cup/Champions League finals (11). According to a recent football stat.

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