“I Nearly Pulled My Gun After Discovering Three Children Weren’t Mine”-Ex Ghana Star, Odartey Lamptey


Former Ghanaian footballer Odartey Lamptey revealed how he was tempted to use a gun after he discovered the three children he raised in his previous relationship weren’t his.

In his recent interview, Odartey Lamptey revealed he almost committed a crime. He said, “Yes, I considered using the gun, but God spoke to me, and I have not touched it since. It was in my tundra, but I chose not to do anything.”

“I was devastated, but I remained patient, and that has brought me to where I am today. I believe it was divine intervention that stopped me from using the gun.”

Lamptey and his ex-wife Gloria Appiah

“I had to control my anger, or I could have ended up in prison. And I wouldn’t have my three children now. Sometimes, when you’re angry, you have to think twice before acting.”

The discovery prompted a 20-year relationship with his ex-wife, Gloria, to end. It also led to a legal battle between the former Aston Villa player and Gloria Appiah over the compensation given.

Gloria Appiah wanted to claim ownership of Lamptey’s seven-bedroom house in the east region of Ghana. However, the Appeal court dismissed the case.

The Ghana High Court proceeded to award Gloria Lamptey a four-bedroom house in Dome, a car, and 200,000 Ghana Cedis.

Despite the legal issues, Lamptey remained interested in helping in the children’s upbringing. He claimed he didn’t want to hold grudges against them and his ex-wife, Gloria Appiah.

Odartey Lamptey Age

The former Ghanaian international was born on December 10, 1974, in the city of Tema, Ghana. He is currently 49 years old, with a height of 5 feet and 7 inches.

Odartey Lamptey Stats

The former Ghanaian star made 135 appearances, scoring 28 goals and creating three assists in all club competitions throughout his club football career. During his playing time, he received 15 yellow cards and one red card.

Out of the 28 goals scored, six were for Greuther Furth, 11 for RSC Anderlecht, 10 for PSV, and one for Ankaragucu.

He scored eight goals in 38 appearances for the Ghanaian senior team.

Odartey Lamptey Children

In his past relationship with Gloria Appiah, Odartey thought the three children he had been nurturing were his. However, after carrying out a DNA test, he discovered that he wasn’t their biological father.

In his current relationship, Odartey has three children, consisting of two daughters and one son. The names of the children haven’t been revealed to the public.

Odartey Lamptey and his new family

Lamptey, his new wife, Rweuida Yakubu and children

Odartey Lamptey New Wife

After he broke up with his estranged wife in 2013, the former Aston Villa player moved on quickly to Rweuida Yakubu. The union started in 2014 after his bad experience with Gloria. 

It was revealed that Rweuida Yakubu was a former participant in the Ghanaian Most Beautiful Girl contest.


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