How To Get Into A Football Academy In England And Best Football Academies


    It is the ambition and desire of many young footballers to get into football academies but due to the torrent of players available in addition to football teams and available channels, it is important to be kept abreast with information on how to get into a football academy in England and best academies available. 

    This write-up is aimed at giving you a wholesome take and information needed in your push and drive on how to get into a football academy in England and best academies available at your disposal. 

    Young players who are still honing their skills of the round leather game need an avenue where they can grow and burgeon into talented footballers and in essence that’s what football academies offer. 

    Let quickly take a brief insight into what a football academy is before crossing over to take a look at the crux of our conversation this day;

    What is a Football Academy?

    A football academy is a facility that is put in place to help nurture, groom and make upcoming footballers better.

    The pathway towards getting to professional football is daunting and hard but young passionate footballers who are in love with the game would go at any length to reach their goal.

    A Player with the ball in a football academy
    A player with the ball in a football academy

    In the United Kingdom, the football academy system is headed and run by the Football Association (FA) and the English Football League (EFL). 

    These bodies work hand-in-hand with football Clubs, the English Premier League (EPL), and the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA). 

    Now, let’s dive right straight into how to get into a football academy in England and best academies available;

    These are the methods on how to get into a football academy in England and we would be evaluating them extensively:

    Football Scouts:

    First on our list on how to get into a football academy and the best academies available is through Football Scouts. Many football Scouts are employed by gigantic clubs or managers to have a keen look at players across the globe. 

    The best way to grab the attention of a scout is to be consistently good, most importantly at youth level and in top level youth competitions like the UEFA Youth League. 

    Scouts would take a detailed look on the traits, ability and qualities of a player and as such it is a must to show the qualities you possess by performing optimally. 

    Trial days for football and football boot camps: 

    Days set aside for trial in football and boot camps is a wonderful avenue to display your skills and to get picked by scouts from professional clubs and academies in football. 

    There are several trial opportunities done across the world but for England and the United Kingdom at large, it is the Football Trials UK. 

    Opportunities like this is not streamlined to individuals of a certain age or capabilities and as result of that you don’t need any prior experience or competence level. What you need is just that burning desire to go to the trial to produce magic when given the opportunity.

    Full-Time Private Football Academies:

    Academies that are private and offer full time services to young upcoming footballers who want to develop at a high pace is also an avenue for footballers to become professionals in the round leather game. 

    Full-Time Private Football Academies give players one-on-one coaching and weekly training sessions that would be helpful to footballers still honing their skills with the beautiful game. 

    Such academies offer accommodation and meals so players can put their attention and gaze on getting better with the round leather game. 

    There are private football academies across the length and breadth of the globe as well. 

    Applying to an academy directly:

    Another way on how to get into a football academy in England is to make your intentions known straight up without any external influence or help. 

    A lot of football clubs have their academies and would accept applications from players who intend to join their academy. 

    The information on how to contact these teams are mainly on their website but in the eventuality of it not being on their website one can ask from credible sources that can help. 

    If peradventure you are selected, you would get proper training from professional football coaches and also play football games against other teams. 

    There is also the opportunity to traverse around the country for matches and competitions. 

    Football Agents:

    Lastly, a route to go towards getting to a football academy in England is through Football agents. Football agents are saddled with the responsibility of managing footballers. 

    They handle the deals of their client who are the footballers in the best possible manner ensuring they get the best deals and contractual terms. 

    They also assist with visa and travel information and documents when flying to a foreign country. 

    Them being agents do not necessarily mean that they have clubs that they would get you to in an instant, it all still depends on your competence and capabilities in the round leather game but what they can offer you is an opportunity to have a shot at reaching your goal. 

    Let’s move further into the best academies in England and Futballnews would be reeling out three (3) to you. 

    These football academies are arguably the best that you can join to help grow and burgeon your talent into monstrous heights. 

    Liverpool Football Club (LFC) International Academies

    Liverpool Football Club’s (LFC) International Academy is a top level football programme which looks to offer players with a chance to grow their skills at an international level. 

    It was founded in 1996 with two locations in Australia and Indonesia, before also expanding to a third location in Thailand. 

    LFC International Academies offer a range of services which includes; residential camps, holiday programs, days out and weekly sessions run by LFC International Academy coaches based at the location of each club through the course of the year. 

    The Liverpool Football Club International Academies gives coaching programs for boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 16 across England, Australia and Spain. 

    Manchester Football Academy

    The Manchester Football Academy is a professional football academy that offers a massive range of opportunities for upcoming footballers to move onward and upward through the ranks. 

    Manchester Football Academy has a massive inclination for centering their attention on grooming talents and setting their desired gaze on the development of individual players. 

    Manchester Academy was founded by Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs in football with over 1.1 billion supporters across the globe. 

    The academy has garnered attention from the media and other clubs as a result of its top coaching and training regiment.

    Chelsea Football Club Academy:

    This is another wonderful football academy, Chelsea football club academy is considered as one of the best academies in England, Europe and even the rest of the world. 

    The former owner of Chelsea FC, Roman Abramovic spent heavily in building the academy to its current amazing state with Todd Boehly continuing in that stead. 

    Chelsea FC operates a football academy from the Under-9 through to the Under-23. In 2016, the Academy was awarded Category One status after an autonomous audit done by the Premier League.

    Chelsea football academy play their home games at Kingsmeadow, Kingston Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT1 3PB and this academy has churned out some big names in football which includes John Terry, Mason Mount, Reece James and many others.

    Arsenal Football Club Academy:

    Arsenal Football Club is a club based in North London and they have one of the best football academies is England.

    They have churned out wonderful footballers in the past few years including names like

    Alex Iwobi, Jack Wilshere, Wojciech Szczesny,Tony Adams, Andy Cole, Paul Merson, Ray Parlour, Martin Keown amongst many other exciting talents.

    Former Arsene Wenger manager stressed utilizing the strength that young players possess and that has been the middle ground of Arsenal’s philosophy.

    They groom of talents from the age of nine (9) till the age of sixteen (16) and they are still pumping lots of cash into the academy to yield the right dividend in years to come.

    The dream of the Gunners hierarchy is to make the academy of this gigantic club one of the best in World football.

    Take a look at the website of the academy of Arsenal Football Club for additional information.

    In Conclusion:

    Football academies are an amazing way for young footballers to build and better their footballing artistry.

    Young players following their training regiment

    They provide the best environment for talents to grow, compete and become the best they can be, as they strive towards success while achieving their dream. 


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