How To Become A FIFA Badged Referee And Best Institutes For Referees


    The FIFA badge indicates referees that are fully recognized and approved by the football governing body. They are allowed to officiate on international level.

    The referees receives FIFA certification after passing through some rigorous training after certain durations.

    After passing the necessary tests, FIFA put the badge on their left chest. But the question is, how do you get a recognized badge on the referee kit?

    1. An individual should be able to run for at least six miles.

    If you have interest in becoming a fully backed and badged referee, you have to be able to run for six miles. FIFA compels them to run the same miles as the players on the pitch.

    Fitness is the first thing to consider; without a proper fitness test, it will be very difficult to officiate. Your heart health will be tested, your ability to sustain pressure, and other health categories will also be considered. 

    FIFA Badge

    The referee must monitor the activities of all the players and stay close to the ball to check for incidents like fouls, handballs, and any violent acts among the players.

    2. A badge referee must pass the required age to officiate. 

    A potential badge referee should be at least 25 years old if he resides in the United Kingdom. Some states require that you be older than 26 years old. Any age below those two mentioned above will not be given the badge by FIFA.

    FIFA Badge

    In Georgia, there is no minimum or maximum age to consider before becoming a badged referee.

    3. Register with your state referee association.

    Any aspiring referee who wants to be recognized by FIFA or become a badge referee must first register with his country’s referee association. In Nigeria, registering with the NFF is one of the steps to becoming a well-recognized referee.

    FIFA Badge

    For the UK, the state referee must register with the English FA. 

    After passing all the requirements listed above, FIFA will then select the best out of the best from each countries.

    Countries and the amount of badge referees

    England has more than 300 international referees or fully badged referees. The nation has the highest number of international referees.

    Ukraine has just 14 badged referees. The majority of them are still present and are doing well with their officiating.

    Brazil has 20 badged officials, but the majority of them have retired. The FIFA authorized 50 French referees for international officiating with FIFA badges.

    In Japan, there are 16 officials with the FIFA badge. In Nigeria, there are 13 FIFA-badged referees.

    In Oman, there are only a few registered Omanis that represent FIFA in international games. Seven Badged referees come from Panama.

    Best Institutions For Referee

    1. Regional Referee Training Center

    2. Women’s Referee Training Center

    3. Moulton College 

    4. Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

    5. James Madison University

    6. North Carolina Central University

    7. University of Florida

    8. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

    9. University of Houston

    10. University of Notre Dame

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