How to be physically fit like a soccer player


    Soccer is known to be an intense and demanding sport. For you to be physically fit like a soccer player therefore demands some exercise that will keep you in top physical condition.

    Since you have decied to by physically fit like a soccer player, there are many things you can do to raise your level of fitness. They include some extra conditioning that will build up your stamina, and improve your agility.

    Cristiano is arguably one of the most fittest soccer player

    This will fine-tune your footwork as well, but since you are not a player, you just take it as an advantage over your pairs who can exercise once in a while to play the game on a weekend or during holidays.

    What to do to be physically fit like a soccer player

    Building Power and Stamina

    You can achieve a high level of balance through running,. This process improves your cardiovascular conditioning.

    To achieve power and stamina, go at a moderate pace. When tired, take a short rest break before resuming your run.

    You can have a run structure, which could be in intervals 3-4 minutes, walking or resting for 2-3 minutes, and so on.

    Through this frequent process, you will increase your distance over time, and develop long endurance. To monitor your progress, you can use a track, which will help you keep up with your time and distance.

    Research shows that soccer players run, on average, at least 4 miles in a game. So, it is left for you to beat that since you are not playing soccer.

    Build your speed: Speed can only be built through sprints. Most successful player is now to be sprinters o the field of play.

    Building your speed require high levels of power and control. So, begin with a 30-50 metres and increase it as you progress.

    Note that sprints are extremely tiring. So, scheduled them at the beginning of the workout right after your warmup.

    Build strenght

    To build your strenght and increase your endurance level, do strength training 3-4 days a week.

    You might not place much emphasis on speed since you are not playing soccer, but it’s also important to be strong.

    So, build your strenght by incorporating regular muscular exercise into your routine. Do like pushups, pull ups, air squats and lunges, or lift weights if you have access to a gym.

    Train your muscle

    To keep fit, you need to emphasize your core muscles. By strengthening the muscles of your core, you can run, stop, change direction, and shoot.

    So, do sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, V-ups and bicycles exercise, as they are all excellent exercises for strengthening the core.

    Try to do half an hour of core training at least twice a week. You can do it near the end of practice or make it a separate workout.

    Note that before engaging in the stated processes, ensure you have adequate warm-up and boy stretching.

    Workout Equipment that you can use to help you attain top level of football/soccer form.

    • Treadmill
    • weights
    • speed drill equipment
    • personal trainer or coach
    • Gym shoes


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