How The EPL Title Race Will Be Settled If Arsenal & Manchester City End on Same Point & Goal Difference


The Premier League title race has narrowed down to a two-horse race between Manchester City and Arsenal.

Either of the two teams will take home the coveted English topflight title. Manchester City will become the first team to win the Premier League title four times on the bounce while Arsenal will end their two decades wait for the title.

As we enter the run-in, emotions are high and anticipation is building among the rival fans. Arsenal, who are leading the table with a point, will count on their North London neighbors Tottenham Hotspur to force City to drop points in their outstanding match before the final matchday.

The race for the title is still drawn taut by the two teams, and chances are that they can end up with the same number of points and the same goal difference.

Before City’s run-in to the penultimate fixture against Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal were favorites to win the title if they end up with the same number of points as Manchester City due to their superior goal difference.

However, Manchester City have surged forward to reduce the goal arrears to just three goals, having scored 28 times in their last 6 games. If they defeat Tottenham Hotspur they would reduce the deficit further before the final matchday.

Now, if Manchester City and Arsenal end up with the same number of points and goal difference, how will the winner be decided?

There are a handful of ways the winner of the Premier League will be decided if the two teams end on the same point and goal difference.

First, most goals scored in the course of the campaign is the first point of call. Manchester City have the upper hand in this regard. They have scored 91 goals so far against Arsenal’s 89.

Another metric that could be used is the head-to-head record between the two teams this season. Arsenal have the upper hand here, having won and drawn their last Premier League fixtures against the Citizens.


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