How Paul Pogba Caused Emotional Pains to Van de Beek While at Manchester United


    Former Manchester United star, Paul Pogba, was reportedly causing severe emotional pains to Van de Beek while at Manchester United. Pogba was always in the first-team starting lineup despite turning up late at Carrington training ground.

    Van de Beek
    Van de Beek’s former agent admits Pogba caused his client emotional turmoil

    Van de Beek’s agent has revealed his client’s emotional turmoil at Manchester United due to Paul Pogba’s overriding influence on the team while he was at Old Trafford.

    According to the agent, Paul Pogba was always starting ahead of Van de Beek in the team despite always turning up late for training at Carrington.

    Pogba will always turn up late for pre-match training and just tendered an apology that he is sorry; his next stop will be in the starting IX even with less training time with the team.

    Van de Beek, on the other hand, will give his all in training, spending hours training with the team, but will later be ignored and denied a starting position.

    Joining Manchester United in top shape from Ajax in 2020 for £40m, the contradiction proved hard to bear for the highly-rated former Ajax star, his agent claimed.

    Competing with Paul Pogba for a starting position on Manchester United was the most emotionally destabilizing reality for Van de Beek, who reportedly worked harder than his competitor, but continually got ignored.

    Van de Beek
    Van de Beek and Paul Pogba

    The former Ajax star had to contemplate quitting the team as he saw firsthand his career and rating in the Man United squad began to nosedive.

    Explaining what he did to remedy the situation, Guidors Albers, who spoke with Voetball Primeur, said Van de Beek was ‘disappointed at the way he was treated at Manchester United,’ and he was aware of what he was trying to do to turn things around for him.

    “I saw the disappointment about the way he was treated by Manchester United,
    and he saw up close what I did to turn the situation around”, the agent said.

    Albers contrasted the VDB’s experience at Manchester United with the heroic figure he was while at Ajax, and noted that VDB was very popular with Ajax fans.

    “In the Netherlands, Donny got all the appreciation, performed well, and was super popular with the fans”, he said.

    According to Albers, things really went badly between Van de Beek and Manchester United as the relationship between his client and Manchester United deteriorated.

    “At Manchester United he then never played. The relationship between him and the club really cooled down badly”, the agent affirmed.

    Casting some spotlights on what actually occurred, Albers stated that the bottom line was the preferential treatment that favored Pogba against his client.

    “He had to compete against Paul Pogba, who reported late to the training camp, said sorry, and was allowed to play again”, the agent claimed.

    “In the place of a boy who was training 10 hours a day for eight weeks to show he was good enough.

    Van de Beek
    Van de Beek was a hero at Ajax

    “I then had that disappointment thrown at me. I underestimated what not playing anymore did to him mentally.”

    Amber’s admitted, though, that he did not do enough to help Van de Beek, as he should have done something earlier to reverse the situation for former Ajax star.

    “I should have looked earlier at how I could help him”, he submitted.

    Van de Beek joined Manchester United in 2020 as a hot and in-form top midfielder from Ajax. But things have turned for the worse since joining the team as he had to compete with former Man United star for a place in the team.

    Despite working harder than the former Premier League star on the training ground, he saw his rating dropped in relation to the French youngster, who was preferred for a starting lineup.

    The Dutchman’s career is currently under threat. Even under new manager, Erik Ten Hag, Van de Beek is still struggling to break into the starting lineup.

    The 25-year-old has played for just 19 minutes for Erik Ten Hag’s Manchester United in just 3 cameo appearances.

    He is at the risk of losing out on Netherland’s 2022 World Cup squad with a lack of a good game time


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