How Chelsea Standard Have Fallen That A Player Misses Team Bus After Nap And Some Want To Exit The Club


This season has been one of the worst seasons for Chelsea in their recent history with standards dropping in the club’s squad.

The Blue’s performances are so despicable that they are projected to finish in the bottom half of the Premier League, with a possible finish as low as 14th.

Their poor performance in the campaign seems to have affected the morale of the Blues squad, with reports suggesting a drop in their levels.

Chelsea players

The Stamford Bridge occupants have experienced a change in leadership with three managers having been appointed.

Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter were both dismissed from their positions, while the club’s icon Frank Lampard is expected to depart at the end of the current season.

Meanwhile, the interim manager Frank Lampard has emphasized the need for players to raise their standards to achieve success.

However, it is often Lampard who receives criticism for the team’s horrible performance.

And amid Chelsea’s descent, reports have it that one player missed the team bus after taking a nap following training, while six members of the squad have expressed their desire to leave Stamford Bridge.

Instances like Mykhailo Mudryk’s act of mocking someone at the gym on social media, players laughing after a defeat, and the requests to depart highlight the urgent need for change.

Also, reports claimed that Chelsea’s diminished standards have seen some players neglecting to tie their shoelaces before training.

Meanwhile, the Blues team are currently facing an issue of overcrowding. It has been reported that during team meetings, players are forced to sit on the floor due to the lack of space.

This situation is believed to have played a role in the team’s decline and the subsequent dismissal of former Blues coach Graham Potter.

Graham Potter

According to reports, the large number of players enables some players to go unnoticed during training sessions.

And players who have been late for the bus due to taking a nap have not been questioned nor punished.

Lampard has failed to raise Chelsea’s standard

The coach will only react with a smirk or shake of the head, which is quite different from what one would typically expect at clubs like Manchester City and Liverpool.

According to reports, Lampard has spoken to his team multiple times about the need to improve their performance and turn the season around.

He has also scheduled individual meetings with players.

But despite his efforts, the results get poorer, and more than six players have reportedly expressed their desire to leave the club.

In his debut year as the owner, Todd Boehly had a disappointing season with very few positive outcomes.

Todd Boehly

The 49-year-old has facilitated a record-breaking spending spree that exceeds £600 million on the transfer market, with stars like Enzo Fernandez, Wesley Fofana, Mykhaylo Mudryk, Marc Cucurella, and Raheem Sterling arriving at the London club.

And despite the huge investment, Chelsea have achieved what could be their worst-ever finish in the Premier League.

Regardless of the outcome of their final game against Newcastle today, May 28, the Blues are set to have their worst finish in the league since their 14th place in the 1993-94 season.

More so, Chelsea’s woes got them eliminated from both domestic cup competitions by Manchester City and were later knocked out of the Champions League by Real Madrid.

What Chelsea need to do to get back to form

Chelsea players

This season, it’s obvious that Chelsea appeared confused about what to do and how they intended to maximize the talent at their disposal.

Chelsea have had four different managers leading the team.

The new owners mustn’t make mistakes in choosing the right coach as Graham Potter’s permanent successor.

Chelsea need a charismatic tactician who can serve as the face of the club, earn the admiration of the players, motivate the fans, and inspire the team.

Additionally, the manager must be an accomplished tactician capable of implementing his unique style of play and effectively leading the team.

And following the news that Mauricio Pochettino will be appointed as The Blues coach, we hope to see a new and revived Chelsea.

Furthermore, Chelsea’s January transfer dealings resulted in Graham Potter initially having a squad of more than 30 players.

The side need to reduce their squad size if they desire to see a positive change.

Thiago Silva recently explained that Chelsea’s Champions League exit was an unworkable situation.

According to him, Chelsea had to expand the changing room as it was not adequate for the size of the team.

He said: “It is inevitable that some people will be upset since everyone can’t participate.”

“It can be challenging for the manager to select only 11 players from a squad of over 30.”

“Unfortunately, not everyone was able to make the squad as we had already signed eight new players in January.”

Finally, it is recommended that Chelsea sign a striker. One of the positions that they are hoping to address is that of a clinical finisher.

What’s your take on Chelsea’s present plight, and your recommendations?


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