Harry Maguire of Manchester United is not happy that he received bomb threats over his performance

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Manchester United defender, Harry Maguire has revealed that he received bomb threats due to his performance at his club this season, noting that he can accept criticism but receiving bomb threats crossed the line.

In the last two seasons at Manchester United, Harry Maguire has suffered a series of criticism due to his erroneous performance at Old Trafford. The criticism against Manchester United got to new heights in the 2021-2022 season especially because of how poorly United performed in the season.

Despite how poorly the club performed, Harry Maguire was singled out for criticism more than any player at the club and in the entire Premier League.

In April 2022, the police had to visit Harry Maguire’s home where he lives with his wife, Fern Hawkins, and their two daughters, Lillie Saint Maguire (born on April 3, 2019), and Piper Rose (born in May 2020), to search for a bomb after the player received bomb threats.

Recall that in the 2021-2022 season, Maguire has had instances in which he signaled to the referee that his player committed a handball in the eighteen-yard box. He has also had an instance he headbutted Cristiano Ronaldo while he was trying to head a corner kick.

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Most recently, Maguire was involved in an incident in which he kicked his teammate, Paul Pogba during a competitive game. This and more are many of Maguire’s erroneous defending which made him a laughing stock among football enthusiasts both online and offline.

Despite his erroneous defending, the 29-year-old English defender was able to play 37 games in all competitions in which he scored two goals, a goal in the Premier League and a goal in the Champions League.

In the 37 games Harry Maguire played for Manchester United this season, the club’s captain received seven yellow cards which showed how indisciplined he was throughout the season.

Despite such a performance, the head coach of England, Garreth Southgate invited him to participate in England’s Nations League games against Hungary, Germany, and Italy.

Ahead of the Nations League game against Hungary which is scheduled to kick off at 17:00 on Saturday, June 4, 2022, Harry Maguire reminded his haters that he has a family.

“I’m big enough to accept people getting on my back and saying I can improve,” Harry Maguire said.

“There is a line where we are human beings, I do have a family…

“People ask if it affects me. My mentality is that it doesn’t affect me too much but when it comes to bombing threats, it is more about family. My fiancee Fern.

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“I’m just happy my kids are at an age where they don’t read things and see things on the news.

“If my kids were older age, they could see things and go to school and people are speaking about it. That is when it affects you a little bit more.”

Harry Maguire admits the 2021-2022 season was tough for him

Harry Maguire of Manchester United is not happy that he received bomb threats over his performance
Harry Maguire arriving in England’s camp ahead of England’s Nations League game against Hungary.

Harry Maguire joined Manchester United from Leicester City for a transfer fee worth €87 million on August 5, 2019, and was made the captain of the club months later.

Since then, things have not been rosy for him, especially in the 2021-2022 season in which Manchester United finished 6th on the league table and also crashed out of the Champions League campaign in the round of 16.

“Yes, it’s been a tough season – no hiding away from that,” Maguire said when he was asked whether the season was tough for him.

“I’m my biggest critic. Although there are a lot of critics out there, I’m actually still my biggest.

“But every day I’m trying to improve. Obviously, this season has been a challenging part of my career. But during a career of 10 or 15 years, if you want to play at the top, you’re going to have ups and downs.”

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Since Maguire made his international debut on October 8, 2017, he has been very consistent in the team. But due to his performance at Manchester United, a section of English fans booed him on March 29, 2022, after England’s 3-0 win over Ivory Coast in an international friendly.

“From my England debut, the England fans have been amazing with me. I have had some amazing times”, Maguire said.

“I am not going to let the minority – I don’t know how many it was, 10-20 people – do that in the Ivory Coast game to affect my relationship with the England fans, no.”

Maguire who has played 42 times for the Three Lions of England in which he scored seven goals, has until June 30, 2025, before his current contract with Manchester United expires.

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